Sunday, February 28, 2016

Improvement Mod 6 Prototype

This is NOT the full, official version 6 release, this is a PROTOTYPE!

Alright, so, you're probably asking yourself "WTF IS THIS?". Well let me explain, this is the next logical step in the mod's development, and is what other big AoE3 mods have already done.

I'm talking about making the mod not affect the original games by having a different executable and different file paths. What this will end up doing is allowing you to play the modded game while also being able to go back and play the unmodded game at the same time, from the same installation.

It will also render the past three blog posts useless... Because it fixes all of those problems.

With Improvement Mod 6 you will be able to play AoE3, TWC and TAD without problems and without errors on ESO with people who don't have mods, while also being able to play the mod separately and it will still work on ESO as well, and you will have a uninstall option (FINALLY).

As you can tell by the title, this is a prototype, but it's not the first one. I already had people testing it and so far everything works perfectly.
All of this is more like a warning, because as soon as this will hit the patcher's server, it will break the game for everyone who had the old version.

To install Improvement Mod 6 and beyond you will need a clean reinstall of your game!
And after you install everything, including the mod, you will need to run the new exe, "age3m", in order to play the mod. To play the original games just start their own exes.

And that's all! I will give some time for this news to sink in for as many people as possible, because as soon as the new system hits the patcher, there's bound to be people who will have broken games without knowing why and blame me...

If you find any problems in the prototype be sure to let me know.
Thanks for playing!


Installation (on a fresh game)
- copy everything from inside the 'imp_mod_6_prototype' folder to your AoE3 directory, by default:
/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age Of Empires III/
- if you plan on installing the mod over the Steam version, use this path (always inside the bin folder!):
/Steam/steamapps/common/Age of Empires 3/bin/

Make sure you run the original game first (to enter the cdkey and all that) and THEN run the mod's exe (this applies for both Steam and non Steam versions)!


  1. i just test the mod, during the first launch of the mod, evrything work correctly but when i want to launch it 3hours after the first launch, it can't load and it's impossible to delete the .exe because it says that the exe is already open. can you help me ( i alreadey shut down my PC)
    PS: sorry for my bad english but i'm french

    1. What you're telling me doesn't make sense and so I cannot help you.

    2. My problem Is That When I click on the exe of the mod, It Does not start and load Indefinitely . Then when i wanted to remove it , my computer tells me I can not delete the exe Because it is not closed

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  3. I can't run it...
    It tells me enter the product code, but the code from Steam doesn't work.
    I installed the msxmlenu both in the root directory of Steam and in the bin folder (I removed the other one before) I'm using a clean install.

    1. Run the original game from Steam (to enter the cd key and all that) and THEN run the mod's exe.

      I forgot to mention this...

    2. Hello, Romanian creator. Good luck in business. I translate your mod on Russian language and would like to have a relationship with you, or to know the e-mail.I Wish:that you posted on official video channel video with specific places of 6 v mod/

    3. Okay got it working now. It's stable for me but I haven't played every nation, yet.

  4. Hii thanks for that prototype :) how do we update that prototype? just like previous versions using patcher ? or anything new ? :)

    1. No, not yet. It's not on the pather's server yet, if it was then there would be no need for a manual download.

      "All of this is more like a warning, because as soon as this will hit the patcher's server, it will break the game for everyone who had the old version."

      I will announce when this is available through the patcher.

    2. "ypWokouJunk"

      Listen, dude, I've tried this before, having people translate my mod, but it didn't work.

      Because I can change a random word somewhere in the middle of the file and I won't keep track of every little small change that I make to then give to people and wait for them to update...

      It just doesn't work. It's nice that you want to do it, and I can't stop you, but it's kind of a waste of time.

      For now at least. Maybe someday when I'll stop updating the mod, then translations might work. But until then...


  5. I have a question.
    There are two versios of a map depending on player number.
    (I'm looking on Honshu now). Is it possible to make the bigger version available in a two player game?

    1. Yes, all maps scale according to the number of players, and there's actually 3 sizes. There's the default one, then one for 4 players or more, and then one for 6-7 players or more.

      And yes, you can change these sizes as you want. But it causes big problems, like the infamous "out of sync" bug in multiplayer.

      You need to do some special things not to get the error. And it's complicated.

    2. I only want to use it for single player. It would be nice if you could tell me how if it does't bother you :).

    3. In the RM3 folder, open each map and search for "size" then go nuts.

      Yes, it's that simple.

  6. Hello! I tested your mod and it is wonderful!
    I saw there is an american civilization in the blog's Gallery but i could not find it in-game. How do i play with it?

  7. Fort walls ? Removed from the mod ?

  8. MANDOS ! i was inspired by your mod, i'm using it right now and i think i want to create my own version. i understand a little in modding
    can you help me?
    for TAD
    cause i want to put lock on gates and i really don't get it how.
    and how can i mod the walls so that they can place in trading routes? is it in the protoy? thanks!