Saturday, July 13, 2013

Water Treasures

Alright, scrap that, I added water treasures on American maps! They are mostly the same as the Asian ones of course, but I'll try to add new ones over time.

This is of course still in development and there will be bugs and some inconsistencies. If you have problems with maps failing to load please report the name of the map, as well as other problems you might find.

This is also a big feature the mod adds and a step closer to version 5.5... I mean 5.4! Why did I change it? Well, I kinda wanted version 5.5 to be the final one, but since the game still has and will have bugs, modded and un-modded alike, the next version will clearly not be the last.
When will it come? Who knows. The more problems you guys report the faster I will wrap everything together and do it. And yes, I need bug reports, not suggestions for new stuff.

Thank you and please help me to make the mod better!


I have added a new graphical enhancer to the mod called SweetFX. It makes AoE3 look a bit more colorful, smoother and clearer.

To enable it you must have all visual settings maxed out, especially "Shader Quality" which needs to be put on "Very High". To disable it put "Shader Quality" on "High" or lower.
You can also enable and disable the graphical enhancer in-game by pressing the "Scroll Lock" key.

Please leave your opinion about this visual enhancement in the comments!