Monday, August 27, 2012

Patcher fix!

I know some of you have problems with the patcher, but it has been released as a work in progress, meaning that it has been updated and improved in time and the older versions don't properly work anymore.

So please download THIS! updated version, place it in your AoE3 directory and run it as administrator.

Don't forget that the patcher can also be used as a full downloader and installer for the mod, meaning that you can simply place the patcher in a clean install of AoE3, run it and it will install the mod.

The patcher server is in US, so the further you are from it, the slower the patcher will work.

Now, about the forum, most of you do want it, but sadly there are not many of you...
I have seen many inactive AoE3 related forums, and this would be just one of them...
For now, keep posting comments here on the blog if you have any problems, a forum is very unlikely to come.

Thank you for playing the Improvement Mod!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Improvement Mod updates

I will post here information about small updates and update the thread as I release them.
These small updates will be downloaded only via the patcher.
Once in a while, after the change log gets big enough, I will also release those small updates in a full installer.
Got it? Ok, lets get started...

Change log:

- Europeans get an infinite tech at the Capitol which can be used to sell Export for home city shipments, as you use this tech it gets more expensive 3 times
- fixed Canoe sounds
- State Religion now increases healing speed of Healers
- added the Independent Government tech to the Revolution civs, replaces Civilized Government
- added the Dove (female assassin) as mercenary
- added the 7 Dove Assassins card to the USA, British and Russians
- the Spy can now score critical hits
- added the Sapper to the Revolution civs, can build military buildings
- added the Saker to the Spanish, Indians and Knights of St. John, first European Age2 cannon
- to unlock the Saker and Monitor, Asian players need to ally with an European (or US) nation
- you can have only 20 chests of coin at a time from the Treasury (spamming issues)
- fixed a long standing bug with archers flaming arrows
- Warrior Priests, Generals, Shoguns and Mansabdars can now score critical hits
- the Skull Knight now has a melee attack against buildings
- the Oneida Rider now has a torch as main weapon
- added hoof walking sounds to all horses (if you notice missing ones please let me know)
- added the Baron (coin production unit) to the British (removed Bank)
- renamed "Colonial Age" to "Expansion Age" and "Fortress Age" to "Enlightenment Age" (fits Natives and Asians better)
- improved the Renegade Spanish cards, now also sends Conquistadors and Sakers
- enabled map specific mercenaries for Natives at the Native Embassy
- added new animations for the Halberdier (awesome)
- added more units on trade routes (?)
- added the Fishery (water building) to all civs (buildable by Fishing Boats)
- the Portuguese Covered Wagons can now train Settlers
- the Mortar now has a melee attack in the fixed Bombard Mode
- improved the Regicide Regent (higher damage and some new skills)
- added the Native Confederacy Support tech to the Council's Hut and High Temple
- fixed some Native projectiles
- improved civs descriptions...
- fixed population additions...
  - Age4 and 5 will give 10 pop each for all civs
  - Chinese Age5 will give 20 pop
  - Independent Government will give 10 pop (revolution)
  - all Revolution civs will have a max pop of 220
  - Civilized Government will give 20 pop to all civs
  - all civs will have a max pop of 240 except for the Chinese who will have 250
- bug fixes...

Again, if you get errors in the patcher relating the game's exes download THESE! and put them into the game's directory then run the patcher again.
That error could also mean that your game is not updated to the latest official version, so go HERE! and get the latest official updates.
If you install the updates there is no reason to get the exes.

Please download an improved version of the patcher from HERE! which will surely fix all your problems.

PS: I forgot to tell you all that, if the patcher has any problems connecting to the server and errors appear, try looking into your firewall, because it might be blocked by your antivirus.
If it still doesn't work then try running it as administrator.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Improvement Mod version 5.1 (MUST READ)

Incoming awesomeness, take cover!
Thanks to my recent ally, Shyke, the Improvement Mod receives one badass patcher which auto-updates the mod whenever I change something. Yap, that's right, no more waiting, no more downloading.

Now, in order for the patcher to work, you need all 3 games (AoE3, TWC and TAD) updated to their latest versions (like before), and with their official executables. That's right, you people that have the pirated version, you'll need the original exes. But don't worry, it seems the original TAD exe doesn't have any security measures, you just need a CDKey which can be found on Google... So I will link you to all 3 original exes right HERE!

Anyway, after everything is in check, just run the updater instead of the TAD exe, and voila! The mod will update if necessary and will start the game. I will still need you on the blog to report bugs, don't forget that!
You can still start the game the old way, in case the patcher's server is down or anything, don't worry.

Also, for people that made progress with the USA home city and fear that updates will ruin all their work, the installer will now ask if you want to replace your existing USA home city with the standard one. You should press "No".

And now the change log:

- fixed Spy stealth animations (missing)
- fixed Outlaws reload animation (missing)
- fixed Cranequinier hats texture (missing...)
- fixed Japanese Monk, Yumi Archer and Shinobi attack animations
- fixed Grenadier, native and muskter bayonet units melee animations
- switched Yojimbo with Shinobi, Shinobi can now mount and dismount his horse
- improved USA Settlers look and attack animation
- replaced Colonial Militia and Minuteman "hoe" with a shovel
- fixed Outlaws reload animations, Pistolero can now mount and dismount his horse
- bug fixes...

What more can I say, thank you for all of your support, thank you for helping me with AdSense by clicking on the ads (keep going please:) and I hope this mod will go on and reach version 10.0!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Improvement Mod version 5.0

Big update? Hell yeah!
Everything from new units to new animations, sounds, techs and... bug fixes...

- Minutemen and Colonial Militia ca now use a "hoe" in melee (increased melee damage)
- fixed Nanib from the India campaign (almost perfect)
- added new unique University tech for the USA (new icons for all techs)
- added new firing animation for archers and gun powder infantry
- added new bored animation for musket bayonet infantry (Musketeers and such)
- moved the Tashunke Prowler to the Native Embassy
- added the Oneida Rider to the Iroquois Native Embassy
- changed and added the Polish Winged Hussar to the German Command Post (also German cavalry cards now affects it)
- added Polish sounds for the Winged Hussar and new sounds for the Hoop Thrower
- War Tents can now train Disciples (Monks can't)
- improved the Stradiot (visual and stats)
- improved the Cavaleiro and Lancer (visual only)
- the Oprichnik now has a grenade attack against buildings
- Hand Mortars now fire high explosive grenades
- improved Mongol Scout, Shogun and Daimyo horses
- added the Cranequinier to the French (mounted crossbowman)
- tons of bug fixes...

PS: If you want to show your support for the mod, please try clicking on the ads here on the blog, it will make my AdSense account very happy!:)
Thank you.