Saturday, August 18, 2012

Improvement Mod updates

I will post here information about small updates and update the thread as I release them.
These small updates will be downloaded only via the patcher.
Once in a while, after the change log gets big enough, I will also release those small updates in a full installer.
Got it? Ok, lets get started...

Change log:

- Europeans get an infinite tech at the Capitol which can be used to sell Export for home city shipments, as you use this tech it gets more expensive 3 times
- fixed Canoe sounds
- State Religion now increases healing speed of Healers
- added the Independent Government tech to the Revolution civs, replaces Civilized Government
- added the Dove (female assassin) as mercenary
- added the 7 Dove Assassins card to the USA, British and Russians
- the Spy can now score critical hits
- added the Sapper to the Revolution civs, can build military buildings
- added the Saker to the Spanish, Indians and Knights of St. John, first European Age2 cannon
- to unlock the Saker and Monitor, Asian players need to ally with an European (or US) nation
- you can have only 20 chests of coin at a time from the Treasury (spamming issues)
- fixed a long standing bug with archers flaming arrows
- Warrior Priests, Generals, Shoguns and Mansabdars can now score critical hits
- the Skull Knight now has a melee attack against buildings
- the Oneida Rider now has a torch as main weapon
- added hoof walking sounds to all horses (if you notice missing ones please let me know)
- added the Baron (coin production unit) to the British (removed Bank)
- renamed "Colonial Age" to "Expansion Age" and "Fortress Age" to "Enlightenment Age" (fits Natives and Asians better)
- improved the Renegade Spanish cards, now also sends Conquistadors and Sakers
- enabled map specific mercenaries for Natives at the Native Embassy
- added new animations for the Halberdier (awesome)
- added more units on trade routes (?)
- added the Fishery (water building) to all civs (buildable by Fishing Boats)
- the Portuguese Covered Wagons can now train Settlers
- the Mortar now has a melee attack in the fixed Bombard Mode
- improved the Regicide Regent (higher damage and some new skills)
- added the Native Confederacy Support tech to the Council's Hut and High Temple
- fixed some Native projectiles
- improved civs descriptions...
- fixed population additions...
  - Age4 and 5 will give 10 pop each for all civs
  - Chinese Age5 will give 20 pop
  - Independent Government will give 10 pop (revolution)
  - all Revolution civs will have a max pop of 220
  - Civilized Government will give 20 pop to all civs
  - all civs will have a max pop of 240 except for the Chinese who will have 250
- bug fixes...

Again, if you get errors in the patcher relating the game's exes download THESE! and put them into the game's directory then run the patcher again.
That error could also mean that your game is not updated to the latest official version, so go HERE! and get the latest official updates.
If you install the updates there is no reason to get the exes.

Please download an improved version of the patcher from HERE! which will surely fix all your problems.

PS: I forgot to tell you all that, if the patcher has any problems connecting to the server and errors appear, try looking into your firewall, because it might be blocked by your antivirus.
If it still doesn't work then try running it as administrator.


  1. Just so you all know, the patcher itself has received some updates, getting better with each one and the final version is almost done.

  2. that comment here? you did not answer most of my comments, and \ or did not do what I suggest

    1. AI codding is something a few people master.
      I am NOT one of those people.

    2. Quote
      I think technology "Lay of the Land" should have every bіt Homecity, as a card, and yet it must be slightly altered, so that the entire map is not opened, but treasures
      why you removed the old technology "Dance Hall"?
      "Lumber camp" to be added to the Portuguese and Spanish
      also transform as a limit increase +1
      Asians and Native Americans do not build defensive buildings, similar to those outposts, the building Lumber camp and Bar does not always stick together
      Native Americans are not entirely correct tame guards treasures, animal runs, throws, and they start fighting,
      what can be done: 1.would be necessary to reduce the speed
      of the guards, 2. accelerate technology Nature Friend Ship, reduce the length of the second

    3. 1. Lay of the Land will become available to all civs when they revolt. It will replace Civilized Government in the Town Center, since that one is for Age5 and Revolution takes place in Age4.

      2. Dance Hall has NOT been removed! It ws renamed and improved.

      3. No. It's an special Ottoman thing that card.

      4. As I said, this is complicated and it can't be improved very well. I will try but I don't promise anything.

      5. What the hell are you talking about...? Both Asians and Natives have small towers.


    4. 5. Native Americans *Explorers in most cases, lose guard treasure, the beast has time to run, and the fight begins, rather than to engage the technology/skill Nature Friend Ship

  3. This mod doesn't work for the cracked version anymore? I only have one cracked expansion, but I might consider buying it if the cracked version can't work with this awesome mod

    1. Jago... have you even read everything I said...

      Download these, and it will work on any version...


    2. I downloaded the file from the link that you sent me, but when I try to open the cracked TAD expansion, I got an error..

    3. ...
      You download the archive, unzip it, copy the 3 exes into the game's directory and run either the patcher OR the normal TAD exe.

      If it still doesn't work then you faked it up.
      Look for me on Skype is you want help.