Monday, November 19, 2012

The Campaigns Updates

A very upsetting and sad thing I saw throughout all big mods is the lack of campaigns, where even the vanilla campaign is scrapped. Even I my self made changes that affected campaigns in negative ways, though I always wanted them to be playable.
Well, no more mistakes. The next big updates to be released through the patcher, starting tomorrow, will fix, tweak and improve all campaign scenarios and cutscenes.

The first update will improve only the vanilla campaign, "Blood, Ice and Steel".
After that I will start working on TWC "Fire and Shadow" campaign, with TAD's campaign being the last to get worked on.

These updates will make them more enjoyable and fun, also more accurate and detailed. I strongly recommend playing all of them again after the updates.

I don't really want suggestions for scenario changes so please don't do it...
Thank you and have fun!