Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Improvement Mod version 4.9.3

This is a huge visual update. Most new stuff are skins and fixes to use previously unused original skins and models.

This time I tried to keep track with every big change I make so I have a little proper change log:
- added two new ship tactics (default mode and anchored mode)
- added new Sioux male villager model
- added unused Chinese models for most soldiers
- added new Aztec Native Scout model
- improved the new Aztec buildings (removed the grass from them)
- added new East and West European skins for the Command Center
- added new East European Outpost skin
- added the University to all Asian civs
- added new AgeUp sound for Natives and a sound for when "Spies" is researched
- changed the Mameluke's horse with a camel (for AoE2 fans)
- changed the Cavaleiro and Marine icons and portraits
- fixed Morutaru models when improved
- bug fixes...

So, here you have it. As usual, no one knows if a future update will ever come, so enjoy this one.
I would like to thank my friend Martin (known as Don Omar or Archangel) again for helping me out with stuff.

And please leave feedback... bugs will only get fixed if people report them.