Sunday, July 30, 2017

New Patcher and server

So the old Patcher server went down and I thought this was it. But I was wrong.
I have to say that, in my modding years I have met some really nice and awesome people, people who have helped me without asking for anything in return. Two such people are Expression93 and TechAUmNu, who have offered to host my mod on their awesome servers, helping me deliver content in such a way that it rivals actual corporations. Thank you deeply.

The Patcher is now back up and running but on a different server, which means that everyone needs to download a new Patcher.
All links throughout the blog which redirect to the Patcher are the same, so just go ahead and click on one of them, like THIS one.

For the people who can't get the Patcher working, for some reason or another, a new installer will eventually come but it will take some time until that happens. I have A LOT of stuff to work on before I call it a day.
So in the meantime use the manual installation links, I guess. Please contact me if the Patcher doesn't work for you, this is ridiculous, it should work for everybody.

I would also want to thank DayoftheNinja from the Wars of Liberty mod, who offered to help host the mod in case everything else fails.

Thank you all for being here and for playing!