Tuesday, February 2, 2016

AoE3 and TWC are fixed!

After 6 years, Age of Empires 3 vanilla and The WarChiefs expansion finally work once again with the Improvement Mod.

BUT, they do have problems. As I mentioned in the post bellow, the mod modifies files used by all three games and as such, it will force these files upon the older games as well.
This was the reason it broke the older games in the first place, but I didn't knew which files specifically did it.

Attention has been brought to me on this issue again recently and so I finally managed to fix it.
The bugs you will encounter will most likely be sound and UI bugs (do not use the minimized UI in AoE3 and TWC, you have been warned) and yes, I know it's bad that they are bugged but at least they work now.

Which I'm not sure if it's such a good thing either, at least previously it forced players to play Asian Dynasties, which is the proper way to play and the game for which this mod was designed.
Now I fear I'll get people telling me they've installed the mod and it bugged their game, because they will not be playing Asian Dynasties...

Oh gods, I can even see it... If this will happen a lot I swear I will break it again.

By running the patcher you will get all of them working, if it doesn't happen then do a clean reinstall of everything.

Outdated, check THIS!


  1. A bug or something like that a found that is in the blood ice and steel campaign there is no "build a deck" section there are only "choose a card" and "costumize" but fire and shadow and the asian dynasties campaigns has build a deck section :)

    1. Yes, that's how the game is designed and it can't be changed. Trust me, I really tried.
      What I did is switch the vanilla campaign with the TWC campaign so it would get that button but it caused even more problems with the campaigns themselves.

      So I reverted it and it now works fine, at least.

    2. Yeah but 2 months ago, vanilla campaign has build a deck section otherwise TWC campaign hasn't. Justi I wanna tell Mandos. :)

      And a quastion, what do you plan to do for update the mod? I mean do you have any news? :)