Saturday, January 23, 2016


Oh gods... I forgot to mention something in the help/ranting post from bellow... Something that keeps coming up and... Here it is.

The Asian Dynasties expansion contains EVERYTHING the other two games, Age of Empires 3 and The WarChiefs, have, all content, including the playable Native civs (Iroquois, Sioux and Aztecs) and The WarChiefs campaign!

IF you DON'T have TWC content in your TAD game IT'S NOT MY MOD'S FAULT!
It's because of the broken TORRENT you used to install the game!
Yes, there is a popular AoE3 torrent that contains all expansions (or separate) which doesn't properly register The WarChiefs into your Windows registry.
And so, when you start TAD it will not register as having TWC installed, thus not showing TWC content.

You can try it without the mod as well and see it still happens. Simple.

Why do I have to mention this all the time? Because yes, my mod breaks AoE3 and TWC. Sometime during the mod's development I touched something that makes the other two games crash upon startup.
I tried to fix it but couldn't figure out what was wrong. So it stayed like this.
However, this doesn't affect TWC content not appearing in TAD. As I said above, this happens either way.

BUT, as I've mentioned in this post already, The Asian Dynasties expansion contains EVERYTHING the other two games have and MORE! So there is literally no reason to play the other two if you have Asian Dynasties, which is also required for the mod.
And no, using the other two to play on ESO with unmodded games is not an option either, since the mod modifies files used by the other two games as well (which results in the crash).

Outdated, check THIS!

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