Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Large Maps

What can I say, the poll's results surprised me a bit, basically no one was against it. Well, there were 4 "No", but I'm sure they all come from fellow modders who just wanted to be assholes and ruin perfection. No biggie, we'll just say everyone that matters (the actual players) voted "Yes". :)

Now, I would gladly increase the size of all maps, normal and "Large" maps as well, just as the poll said, but its not that easy and there are some problems. Changing the map size itself is easy, just a few codes, but then you also have to convert the entire map, resources and everything, to the new much bigger size and here is what I can't really do, at least not for every single map. Map scripting along with AI scripting are my 2 weaknesses, I only know the basic stuff in these 2 categories and its obviously not enough. Also, please remember that I work alone, other mods have teams with members each specializing in one or more types of scripting and coding.

So basically it comes down to this, I can't increase the size of every single map, but I will try to make more large versions of standard maps. What maps you ask? This is where YOU come in, I don't really know which maps are popular between players so you will just have to vote for a few maps which will receive "Large" versions from a list of standard/normal maps.

Note that some standard maps actually have large sizes, Caribbean and Honshu for example are normal maps with large sizes, and if you vote a map which is like this it will not get the upgrade to "Large". I will still leave them in the list though because except for these 2 I don't exactly know which other ones are hidden "Large" maps, I'll have to check them once the voting is done.

Again, I will post a list with all maps which DON'T have "Large" versions and you will be able to tell me and vote which ones get a "Large" upgrade. Yes, you need to leave a comment to vote, there are 20+ maps, I can't make a poll that big.

Amazon, Andes, Araucania, Bayou, Borneo, California, Caribbean, Ceylon, Great Lakes, Himalayas, Hispaniola, Honshu, Indochina, Mongolia, New England, Northwest Territory, Orinoco, Ozarks, Painted Desert, Pampas, Patagonia, Rockies, Yucatan, Yukon.

Start naming your favorite map for which you want a large version and if enough people agree it will (probably) happen!
Thanks for your help!


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    1. Yes, New England is a good candidate, I checked it and it is valid for a Large conversion.
      Now let's see if anyone else votes for it!

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    1. Finally some activity around here... I offer you people the chance to get involved into a project you all seem to want and every one just ignores it?

  3. Alright, its coming along nicely, but you can suggest other maps too!

  4. Make a Poll for this!

    my suggestions:
    Great Lakes
    New England

    Actually you could just do every map listed there. They're all very cool to play.

    1. As I said in the post, there are 20+ maps, I can't make a poll that big.

  5. you may return the death by train is more realistic

  6. I'd like to see other units for English
    esecito colonial and Zulu as natives in the maps of Africa

    1. Easy there, we don't have Africa yet. I'd like to add african maps and natives but its such hard work for just one man alone, I did made some progress on the subject once but abandoned working on it.

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  8. You can create these units


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