Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conquest Age

A huge update just rolled out, not necessarily huge in size, but more like in importance. What does it contain? Well, lets just say now you really feel like conquering the New World!

The update adds control flags for all maps. What are control flags? They are points on the map, randomly generated, which if captured give line of sight and a small XP trickle over time. You start with one flag near your Town Center and as you explore the map more and more flags pop up.

And that's not all! You know how Asian maps have water treasure which are completely awesome? Sadly I cannot add them for American maps too (not without starting a project which would take weeks, even months, which will probably prove useless since they might be "hardcoded"), so I decided to do something different for them. I took the Fishery, a water building I made a while ago, and transformed it into a capturable water trading post. So now those annoying pirate ships I added on American maps have a purpose, to protect their fisheries. Kill them and take the fisheries for your own.

I hope you enjoy these completely new features and if you find any problems, and you'll most certainly do, please report them!
Thanks for playing!


I'm looking through the mod and I'm starting to question decisions I made a long time ago. For example, do Europeans really need all of those buildings? When I started this mod one of my main objectives was to add as many buildings as possible, but now I look back and it simply doesn't look as good as it once did.

So, I decided to make some changes. Now my main objective is to make every European building as useful as possible, because we had many useless buildings or many buildings that did too little.

First of all, I will make European Settlers able to build Town Centers and Trading Posts just like Native and Asian villagers.

Second, Banks will disappear from the French and Barons will disappear from the British, the Dutch will keep their Banks though. Furthermore, Lumber Camps and Livestock Pens (the new Bakeries) will also disappear from all the civs that had them. I do have a plan for Livestock Pens but I need more time to figure it out.

Third, the Capitol will receive a utility makeover, the old Forts will make a comeback and I will probably combine the Command Post (Saloon) with the University.

Now, instead of the Lumber Camps, Banks, Barons and Livestock Pens, which were resources production buildings, the Church will take their place. You will be able to research a tech at the Church which enables it to generate coin. This will be present for all European civs, they will now have only one coin production building and that is it.
Why do I do this? Well, mainly because the old setup was too "over powered" for Europeans. And because this is how other, non-euro civs also have it.

This is all for now. I know some of you might dislike the new changes but I think it will turn out good.
Don't fight the system, embrace it. XD
Nah, I'm just kidding, death to all politicians!


  1. This is by far the best mod out there for AOE3.

    I only wish the population cap was bigger. I play online with 4 or 5 friends and we are all the time saying to each other how cool it'd be to have a bigger population cap(100 more at least) to make huge battles.

    1. Get this:

      Only one of you needs to do it after which you give the modified exe to the other players.

    2. Wait, you also need to modify other stuff to get more pop like the house build limit. Well, it would be hell to try and explain so instead go to the "Help and Tools" tab were I added more instructions.

      I know this is not the fastest and most convenient way but...

  2. for a silver mine is better to make 3000 coin, please

  3. Hey Mandos! So is this the version with enhanced TWC campaigns? Or am I late and it was already released some time ago, or maybe you are still working on it?

    I hope I'm not being annoying, and I'm not impatient - just asking.


    1. The campaings have been finished months ago dude... Where have you been?

    2. Damn it man... I dunno, probably asleep! Was it announced on the "news" page?


    4. And there it is...

      To think, that I was waiting for the enhanced campaigns postponing my (another) AoE3 playthrough... I sure am stupid for not asking until now.

      Thank you very much!

      Also, about the "home city button", I gather that it is now possible to remove those useless pre-selected cards in the vanilla campaign, so they won't take up any more space?

      And as you said (if I understand correctly), it's hardcoded to be only in vanilla or TWC, not in both. But is it possible (by switching a file, or a couple of them, or by any other means) to switch it BACK to TWC, for example, after I finish the vanilla campaign? That would be kinda neat, even if it requires playing around with a lot of files.

      Cheers, thanks for the fast answers, and your patience!

    5. LoLz, it was a pretty big ass post, mainly because of you, and you missed it...

      Dude, please don't make me go back into this, I have other stuff to do. I finished them, fixed all bugs and no one has reported a problem since. Lets just leave them as they are, unless there's any critical problems.

      Its hard to explain why and how and your question makes no sense. Why would you want to switch back? I think you did not understand.

      TWC Act1 (Fire) and vanilla Act2 (Ice) use the same HC; TWC Act2 (Shadow) and vanilla Act3 (Steel) use the same HC.

      So when you change cards in the HC of one Act they also transfer to the other, corresponding Act. I pretty much made everything more accessible even though only the vanilla campaign has the HC menu button. In theory, in practice though, well if it doesn't work properly I can't do more.

    6. Sorry Mandos! I hope I didn't make you mad... I probably misunderstood you.

      So, with moving the "home city" button to the vanilla campaign, did you also move the ability to change the cards between missions? I do not mean "buying" new cards, but changing the deck, switching cards etc. It was possible to do in the expansions, but in vanilla, you were stuck with the cards you picked, even if they were useless prerequisite cards.

      I hope I explained it in better detail... Sorry for constantly bugging you though.

      Thanks for your constant hard work!

  4. Conquest Age

    Is there a manual patch for this? Where do we get it?


  5. Nevermind, found the patcher update...

  6. for what you have blocked in Skype???

  7. Still little problems with the AI, less aggressive than in the past. The AI players create huge armies, but they stay stationary in the cities and only some small groups are used to attack the palyer.