Friday, June 21, 2013

Age of Empires 2 "Reborn Edition"

Ok so, we were all disappointed that AoE2 HD brought nothing new to the table, and because it is laggy as hell, and some animations are even broken, but the game still is somehow popular so since Hidden Path were clearly not the guys to go ahead and properly change the game they gave it to someone who can, a team that worked on RTS games before, SkyBox Labs.

Check this out for more info!

Let me highlight some important stuff from that post...
"I’m proud today to announce that we’ve been working with SkyBox Labs to ensure that AOE II HD’s future is brighter than ever."
"we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the team behind the community driven Forgotten Empires project." 
"Working with the FE team will allow us to focus on improving what the community has been deemed most important over the years!"
"Throughout the summer we’ll be providing a series of patches to the core title to continue improving the game, fix bugs, improve performance, and more."
 And some nice recent changes...
"Maximum unit selection increased from 40 to 200.
Internal game’s frame rate is no longer forced at 20 frames per second."
So yes, things look extremely well for the Age of Empires franchise once again. I hope we will get the AoE2 game we all dream of!
Who knows, maybe they'll even bring LAN back...

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