Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chat and Play

That's right, the Improvement Mod's Lobby program has been released to all using the patcher! It is still in beta of course, which means its a bit buggy and has some missing features, but be sure to try it out with your friends and leave your opinion. Note that you need Java installed for it to work.

What is the Lobby? What it suggests, you can enter the chat room, find player to play with and set up games. Remember the the Lobby by it self will not make a playable connection between players, you will still need to use a program specifically designed for that like Hamachi or Tunngle.

The Lobby's main function is to find other players playing the Improvement Mod.
Look for "launcher.exe" in your main AoE3 folder.

You can read all about the Lobby right HERE!
I have added some new information in the "Help and Tools" tab here on the blog as well, check it out!


  1. Cool, now hope some one will use it.

  2. The main problem is that I'm asleep all the time, so I can't reply. As for other people, plenty join, but all at different times. I added some sounds as to alert people when people join, and send a message. This mod may not have a large enough base for people to join at or around the same time.