Friday, January 18, 2013

Master Plan

Alright, so, here is my big master plan for the next updates:

1. Native Americans will (not probably) receive Export and Consulates. There is a very big small problem here, the buff which increases damage against buildings from the Fire Pit, applied on a European Heavy Cannon could result in something extremely OP... So I must find a way to maybe make Fire Pit bonuses not affect Consulate units. Not sure I can...
So, Natives will have only 2 allies in the Consulate, not 4 like Asians, and will probably gather Export slower.

2. I will be replacing the Dutch with the USA... AoE3 revolves around the colonization of America, and the main civ that came out of this business was the USA, as seen in 3 acts of 2 campaigns.
So basically, the USA is more important than the Dutch, which means I must do it... Sorry for all those who are against, but there is another good reason for why the Dutch are going out. The AI. Maurice of Nassau is the best candidate to be transformed into George Washington. His voice lines and attitude resemble Washington's the best from any AI. And no, I can't simply put lines from Washington from the campaigns. I mean I could, but there are too many things an AI would say and I don't have replacements for all of them, not even for a quarter of them...

3. Europeans will get a new 4th resource, Fame. What we see with Europeans after the 2 expansions, is that they simply got old... Old and boring. While they are probably the strongest, they don't benefit from bonuses and effects from buildings like the Fire Pit or Wonders or Consulates. The only real bonuses Europeans get are from the Royal Decree cards, which I also made a bit easier to obtain.
So the new resource will try to address that problem. It will be used on the current Decree techs (for example, if a tech costs 1000 Coin I will split that in half, meaning 500 Coin and 500 Favor) and for some new, very powerful Home City cards. Because let's face it, the most important thing for Europeans is their beloved Home City and King and such. Meaning that I might also address the Blockade tech.
These new special cards will consist of armies with the civ's unique units, and will be named Royal Armies, and of some new techs.

That is all for now. And it's quite a lot... I hope it will be worth the trouble.
What do you people think? Please give some constructive feedback, don't cry, or rage, or ask for impossible things...

1.5. Sadly, Native Americans won't receive Consulates... I know they are still a problem when it comes to number of unique units and firepower but... I really don't know what to do with them... And giving them Consulates won't necessarily make it better. I need another idea, and if you have a good one please share it.

2.5. The Dutch and USA deal, is not happening yet. I was given a little hope that there is another way, so I will wait and see what happens.
Also, I think the USA, or rather the Americans, will receive a remake because as most of you can tell, they are kinda messy... Their units, even their name, is not right for the time frame. I wanted an early American civ, but instead created a weird hybrid even named wrong for the time period.
I'm starting to see this is overall a bad idea, adding the Americans. But I'm not giving up yet.


  1. uhm, what's the problem with how the USA is now? haven't really played with them, so i don't know.. i just know that the Dutch were a great power back then which even rivaled spain and the british empire during that period, so it would be sad to see them go... anyway, keep up the good work :)

    1. The USA is not integrated well. Because of modding restrictions, the USA cannot have an AI and you cannot create a new USA home city. Players have only 2 USA home cities that I created (one for normal play, one for deathmatch) and cannot create new ones.

      That's because the game has an official limit of 14 civs, and any new civs made by modders can't be completely integrated.
      So by doing this replacement with the Dutch, the USA will feel like it's been always part of the game.

      Also, the Dutch were more of an economical power back then, rather than a military one.

    2. well back then the dutch invaded our country and almost colonized us, so. well it's okay.. that's fine with me then. perhaps someday the civ limit will be broken down too, just like what they did in age of kings. looking forward to the new update :)

    3. Well, for further proof, check this link out...

      Main things from that post are:
      "The Netherlands was occupied by the French during the Napoleonic Era (1795-1813)."
      "The Dutch West India Company was chartered specifically to trade in the New World"

      So the Dutch were in the New World to make money, while their home country was facing a French invasion.
      So it's pretty safe to go ahead with this, but don't worry, I have a backup plan!

      As you should know, but you don't cuz you didn't played with the USA, I also added the Consulate to the USA. That's because they lack melee infantry and I wanted the Consulate to be a way for them to get those.
      So, the USA will only be able to ally with the Dutch, which means I'll have to modify the Dutch Consulate units and techs but it also means that players will still be able to access Dutch techs and units.

    4. that's all well, i agree with you now. choosing between the two, the USA is indeed the better choice.

  2. You should replace those fort walls that US have with those you added in Act 3,defend the fort mission.New rifleman model for Imperial age(similar to gatling gunner,but not major Copper model)and you can try to put Major Cooper to be American unit that will give hitpoint increase and damage increase(Only one can be built from barracks) and sherif(Billy Holmesmodel,unit that can convert treasure gurdians),hand cannoner for Germans(unit with short range and low hitpoints,but acts like US exlorer shotgun).Try to add zouave infantry to the French.

    1. Uhm... I'm a bit busy now if you haven't noticed...
      Won't be adding new units for a while...

  3. But Native Americans did not have enough space in the interface for export

    1. I will remove the Fire Pit thing from the UI since it useless and add Export instead.

  4. where to go Reiter, diplomats, Banks, and other Dutch technologies?

    1. Well, since the US didn't had a unique Home City tech tree (it was a mix between the French and British ones) I will use the entire Dutch Home City as it is for the US, except for the military tree where I will add US units.

      Both the Reiter and Fluyt will be transferred to the US (the Reiter could remain only in the Dutch Consulate for the US), I will combine the Dutch and US Royal Decree techs (chose the best from each), as for Banks and other things I'll have to see, but most will be transferred to the US.

      As for the Envoy, I have another job for him. He will become the second skin of the Merchant, the unit which will gather the new resource, Favor, from Town Centers.
      This was another spoiler.

    2. banks and all the technologies associated with them do not go to the French? I remember you said

    3. Well, it would make sense to make Coureurs cost Coin and add the "many" Banks to the French (since as I showed earlier, the Dutch were under French occupation) but I dunno...

      In fact, yeah, this could be a good idea and it could give me more things to add to the Dutch Consulate for the USA!

      Awesome idea Roman, thx for reminding me!

  5. All I can say is make sure you balance out what all your giving to these civs, remember. The British, if that's one of the European ones your going to update have a high advantage of cannons, fortresses, factories, etc. They are already powerful as it is, these lesser civs like Native Americans are barely able to fight them right now.

    1. I'm trying. To balance out the new Royal Armies for example, I'll remove the Musketeers and Cannon you get from Age5 and leave only the buffs.

      As for Natives, well that's why I'm giving them Consulates.

  6. Hello dear friends, im sorry for my english, I may not know and so, but with your permission I join this conversation. I'm a mod maker and I would like to contribute something if you like.

    Hey MANDOS, that you have people who like strategy games, especially Age3, but MANDOS, you do a good job of modifying the game to improve it, but honestly there are things that are not good and maybe other ideas resulting not correct for the game.

    1) I downloaded your mod, and been playing and checking everywhere.

    2) It makes no sense if you change U.S. for Dutch Nation or if you put Pirates or another civilization. If the AI ​​does not work properly and will only be to campaign.

    3) Campaigns are to play them only once, play them back would be boring, however the Skirmish is to play many times, alone or in multiplayer, and this is important, enjoy the AI, new troops, the new buildings and everything else in the game.

    4) You could focus on the Skirmish, as people enjoy playing more and more the mod for more time alone or with friends.

    5) Now, This is the most important, the Ai, if you do have 20 nations, new buildings, new units, but if the AI ​​is absolutely terrible, no is good, I mean that you attack with 20 soldiers and two or three ships of guns war, the game gets boring with simple pure simple skirmishes and small battles. Maximum 70 attacks and attacks on soldiers each time. has no attraction.

    6) In a strategy game the most important thing to make it fun and real, is that AI has a fully rough, really rough and sometimes it becomes impossible to beat, like Warcraft, which improves troops, creates heroes, resists to lose, this I mean that the AI ​​is the first concern of all.

    1. Changing Dutch for USA makes all the sense to me, in the next update i think they'll have their own ai.

      Even if campaigns are only played once, it's still better to have a complete game right? :)

      Doesn't this mod already implements perhaps the best ai mod that we could get for AOE3? In expert, the ai gives a pretty good challenge, building walled cities, counters and stuff, but of course human opponents are still better opposition.


    A) The AI ​​can create an army of 250 or the maximum limit in units, all improved at Imperial, with troops varied to say, 100 musketeers, 50 riders, 30 skirmishers, 40 pikemen, 30-70 MERCENARIES, are important mercenaries also like to recruit natives, gives another view to the game.

    B) The AI ​​deve create a walled city, with only a vast ring, but rather strengthened, with all towers near the walls, (maximum limit from 10 or 15 towers), also have fort, (limit of fort, 1 or 2 but with 800000 of life), you can also leave some soldiers to defend the city.

    C) The AI need ​​have strategies of war, must be able to surround attack in the back or split the army at the end to attack on several fronts, too it is also very important, that first go to destroy all military troops and then to your buildings. the AI need be efficient and resistant sumanete while sending troops into battle or when is fighting you to moment, the AI Need creating more and more soldiers, never stop a moment for lost resources, AI need resources to always have a reserve force y power numeric.

    D) The AI be more balanced to attack, deve wait a while to recruit a lot of troops, and then go on your search, remember that the game need be more real and difficult, so the AI ​​deve wait a while while creating units and improvement, and later attack you full force and strategies, so that it is impossible to contain the attack or conquer. Likewise destroy first military units and later all the buildings.

    E) AI as it builds buildings everywhere, that entorpese the passage of troops and sometimes get stuck, sometimes it does not create more units that are left in a state that does not continues to create units as in the case of the Hindus and Chinese, among other civilizations, Ai has to build a road junction, need more orderly to build settlements please, from the circle of settlement in four parts, one part everything houses, farms and little buildings, elsewhere the city center with church and Capitol, and in the fourth of space, military buildings, a little space for the meeting of all military forces.

    I know that sometimes it is very difficult to improve the game and some things are impossible to make, but hey changed many things that seemed impossible and now no,, so the Protoy, sounds, textures, etc., and is not complicated, everything has changed and,,, now I have new buildings and very large, new portraits, icons, many new units almost unique voices, new textures and models, movement of attack and reload shot, new enhancements, whole nations each with their own units. The only thing I need is to know is to modify the AI. Honestly if you change the U.S. for Dutch, all Dutch units and luxury buildings that i created, improve tech, etc, be all lost and no longer fit to introduce them to the United States nor to other nations, to which I will have to completely replace civilization of the Dutch, who had been completely finisher. Thank You.

  8. Here I bring some pictures of a game called American Conquest, not if you already have played, but I'm trying to do the very realistic Age3 as American Conquest, with buildings themselves, or at least two or three in particular strengths , armies, movement speeds for shooting and reload, all real, sounds also,,, so my mod this is a great piece of luxury and great strategy, plus it's fun. If you like to see the images, perhaps in a similar 3D much better then the Model.

    I know that among you there are people who know this and can do it, and others with their ideas and contriubir could contribute to the construction of a very special and excellent, the best mod.

    The only thing they lack is an organization among you, I would propose to form a real team, would be the leader MANDOS course, many would contribute ideas or things that need, in which I am also willing to help, we would have a team to improve the mod and make it more real and fun. much better than the images that I have just presented, because now would be in 3D.

    Anyway, greetings to all.

    1. Uhm...
      That was... overwhelming...

      Ok, listen, to sum this up, I'm not such a good modder as you might think, I mean I try my best but I know sometimes I get things wrong or I don't get them at all...

      And I can barely edit the AI, I can't make it perfect over night, even so I can tell you that most of the things you proposed for the AI are impossible...

      Also, I'll never make a team to work on my mod because I like working alone and avoiding misunderstandings.

      I hate to ruin your excitement, but this is how things are.
      Perhaps you will find what you want in other mods, like Napoleonic Era maybe, I'm simply not the right person to make you happy.

      Sorry, and thank you for taking the time to play my mod and write this.

  9. Salut, cand inlocuiesti olandezii cu americanii?

    1. Pai, curand.
      Deocamdata ma chinui sa bag o noua resursa la europeni despre care probabil ai citit deja, dar am multe probleme de rezolvat pana o sa reusesc.

      Dupa aceea o sa fac schimbul dintre olandezi si americani.
      Exista progres dar o sa dureze. Finalul ar trebui sa fie superb.

      Si mersi ca m-ai facut sa explic in romana, a fost revigorant!

    2. Cu placere si multumesc de raspuns.

  10. The trade route units doing damage is interesting, but since the AI isnt aware of it, it's hilarious, specially on maps with starting town centers close to a road.

    It's a nice featrue but i think you should remove it.

    1. Yes, I know, old features like the building capture and trade units doing damages are being revised.

    2. Hey,i have excellent Idea for U.S.
      You can add flag banner(stick with US flag on it).It will be buildable by the US and in certain radious will reveal maparound it.

    3. if you want that, why not do it for all the other civs too? :)

  11. Well, I was always against the idea of replacing Dutch with USA, but now I've got your point...
    But anyway, I think that it is still possible to get more AIs. AoE_Fan found in the .exe some lines reffering to the AIs, eu could even rename or shorten them, but the AIs kep working, but he couln't add more lines(because he was using a Hex editor). Maybe, if we get into ASM.... Also, Alexastor said himself that with deeper .exe editing we would get more than 14 AIs, so...

    1. I know it's not a good thing to do (don't tell Peugeot...) but it is somehow necessary...
      And even if I get the US AI in without any replacements, there still is no way to create a new US home city since it won't appear in the home city creation menu.

      If both things can be accomplished, then hell, I'll do it right.
      Please keep me updated about this in case I don't see anything on WotTA's forum, which is very likely since you guys would keep this between the Council...

    2. Ok! But anyway, if we get a new AI working, it should show in Homecity creation menu. AoE_Fan didn't get it working because he rpobably used Hex editing, and, as Alexastor said: It is only possible with deeper .exe editing(a.k.a. disassembling)...

      Also, I don't think if Peugeot cares about that, he is an anglophile . So, be sure to not remove British!

    3. So... If the AI can be added, the whole civ would be completely integrated into the game?
      That's awesome!

  12. hey mandos, i just saw your post in ao3heaven about the ai. so, are you planning on implementing murdilator's tips? i'm excited if you would, a better ai would make this great mod even better(though i've never tried the fan patch) :)

    1. Well, murdilator did a lot of changes and I'm simply to damn lazy to accomplish even half of them, plus of course I don't agree with all so I only asked if he can look over my AI to see if it can be improved.

  13. Hey Mandos, long time no see, good job on continuing the mod, this mod is the reason for me to still boot up AOE3 on steam. Although I have been playing Cossack and American Conquest alot more now from due the sheer battles you can have, despite the failings of the AI. Anyhow, after you finally integrate a legitimate U.S. civ, what are your plans for the future?

    1. Hello there.
      Well, the objectives listen in this post are basically what I'll be doing for a while after which I must get back on my reworking campaigns project.
      Then we'll see. Thx for playing!

  14. uhm, can i use murdilator's N3O FP AI for TAD in this mod? would like to have more challenge from the ai but i like all the changes you did here :)

    1. Uhm... You will probably get an error when loading a map...
      You can try it but it might not work.

  15. uhm, i tried it and it worked, as murdilator replied to you here,38842,0,10&st=25, there was a bug in the previous version (i don't know if you've already read this though.)

    I played a few minutes to test it and was immediately swarmed by musketeers :)
    but since you've added o lot of new things to this mod, will the ai still be able to use those too(since it's for vanilla TAD)? like for the new cards you added..

    1. Yeah, I knew he had a version that works on vanilla but wasn't sure which one you will download.
      And no, things I added like buildings and cards won't be used by this AI, of course.

  16. may be better to make improvements in the Capitol or University, that settlers consisted 0 pop
    do you think?

    1. No...
      But you did gave me another idea... Though it's not a good idea cuz only Europeans would get it.
      Never mind...

    2. There are Asian University and WarHut

  17. Hello Mandos, first of all i would like to say that your work is amazing and gave me more reasons to play aoe 3 again (in fact i went back to it cause of your mod).

    But i think that replacing the Dutch for the US is a very controversial thing, and is not really the point of the game, i sorta have a different argument for this than the rest of the posters.

    The original proposal of the game was to make you play in one of the european nations claiming for the lands of the new world. So in the original game, the point is to choose an european and conquer the new world. Sure there were the expansions, but i think the revolution thingy is already enough to do its job of making u play as US or another civs. Peharps you could change the revolution mechanisms, no?

    Also, while the Dutch were mainly for the deals, they had fought somewhat of a number of battles around the new world, they also hold temporarily some fortresses around Brazilian northeastern coast before being kicked by the portuguese.

    I think the addition of the US civ changes the original point of the game and is biased (mebbeh cause you`re american or live there? i dont know, sorry for being rude). To make justice, you would have to add civilizations of Brazil, Paraguai, Uruguai, Argentina and etc, because all of them came from that era too.

    So yeah, my idea, if its possible, is just to change the revolution mechanisms to allow for you to play as another civ (kinda of a way to change strategy quickly), allowing the villagers to stay and not transform. I think that is something more interesting. But anyway that is just my opinion. :)

    Either way, i love your mod.

    1. Hey there.
      Your points are well rotted my friend, but allow me to respond.

      First off, I'm Romanian and I'm all against "'MERICAH, FUCK YEAH!" junk, so that's not the reason for why I wanna do it.

      One of the reasons, one which you didn't mention, is that the USA, or Americans for that matter, is present in 3 acts from 2 campaigns, the "Steel" Act3 from the vanilla campaign and both the "Shadow" and "Fire" acts from TWC campaign.

      Now, I for one think that at one point they really wanted to add it as a playable civ but chickened out...

      The main problem with your idea, which is a very appealing one, is that I would need to add some new, specific units to all revolution civs, for it to work. I mean, when you revolt into Colombians you need some Colombian units and voices and stuff to really feel it, not just a flag...

      So that's why I want to leave Revolution as it is for now, cuz it's too delicate to tackle with. The amount of work involved with this could make a mod by it's own...

      Now, thing is, I don't really want to do it either, this conversion of Dutch into Americans, but I kinda feel it's necessary since I added the US as a playable civ, yet it's not implemented completely into the game menus.
      But I still don't like it... I'm against it as much as you are.
      That's why I'm postponing this for a while.

      Someone gave me hope that there could be another way, that by further modifying the game's executable we could completely implement new civs without scrapping any of the original ones.
      So I'll wait, and release other stuff I'm working on in the meanwhile.

      Thank you for the support.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hey my Friend, I have some ideas for the mod, maybe serve something,

    The new resource for Europeans may be able to be faith, as all Europeans have a Church all or most of them brought to the new world religion, also by time of the crusades and inquisitions, which also was the predominant religion there with priests, popes, bishops, cardinals, missionary, etc., can make a building or use it to generate the FE church, something like the power of Age of Mythology, that the temple join villagers to generate this resource but here not do that, would suffice to build a church or a cathedral and right there changing technology mechanisms, something like the consulate, a single building to generate export.

    ALLIANCE NATIVE (Native Embassy)
    The natives have no consulate or the saloon, (FortCenter), but rather the NativeEmbassy, may recruit natives here merncearios pure, but African mercenaries,,, I and I have such models and textures, picture frames and icons of the following units .... and some of the mod I could extract from African and Italy.

    Ethiopian Cavalry, Madjay Warrior, Madjay Raider, Hunter Dahomey, Dahomey Amazon, Masai Warrior, Masai Archer, Swordsman Muthapa, Hyrax Bowman, Lybian Soldier, Lybian Horseman, Swazii Clubman, Axeman Swazzi, Archer Zulu, Zulu Warrior, Tor Spearman, Sahara Avenger , Etc.

    Approximately the same number with the mercenary saloon to create the embassy will have native African mercenaries. only that each mercenary will have great skills, for example, one will be good against infantry, another against cavalry, another into buildings, another against mercenaries. etc.

    I can send to you the models, textures, icons, protoy skills, and sounds.


    1. Good idea, problem is, Fame/Faith can't be generated, it can only be gathered.
      That's right. This is a resource that was never been completely integrated, that's why it isn't in the original game. And it's main bug it that it can't be generated by units or buildings, it can only be gathered by units.
      And it can't be fixed.

      The problem with your second idea is... hard to explain.
      The reason for why Natives don't have mercenaries is because they can't support randomized units. As you know, in every map you get different mercs. That's because they are randomized in a special file, well, that doesn't work for Natives.
      This can't be fixed either...

      And to be honest, Native Americans having access to African units doesn't really make sense, it could make sense for Europeans but not for Natives.

      Now you understand how hard it is for me to find something new and unique for Natives...

  20. Hey some more, about the new resource.
    for every villager or settler who have, faith may increase a little more.
    something like the export of Asian consulates.

    So see later.

  21. look up
    There are Asian University and WarHut

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Roman, please, there are many other things to think about that you do not know...

    3. how about 0 pop settlers only for Native Americens?

  22. Just a quick question for you Mandos, will you ever be adding the Dragon unit back for the French? Considering Dragoons were important to the French military, especially during the later colonial eras, even if Boneparte decided to neglect Dragoons. It just kinda feels wrong to completely take out an unit that has been used widely historically, and replace it completely with a unit that was a foot note in the history of the French, considering that the mounted crossbow men were extremely expensive and fielded in small number exclusively in Europe in the medieval era.

    1. Now why did you had to do that...?
      How can I turn you down now?

      What I did wasn't for historical accuracy, it was for some damn diversity, because as we all know there is very little between European civs.
      Why not leave both of them you might ask? Because of balance reasons I cannot let the French have both. So the Mounted Crossbow must permanently get out of the game.

      You want old, plain, boring Dragoons? You got them.

    2. Mandos, I was just curious for your reasoning, I thank you for adding the mounted crossbowmen, it is quite refreshing although I didn't understand the reasoning for it. Please, leave them in as you wish, I am perfectly fine with the craniquer, in fact I love it because it's refreshing. I'm pretty sure everyone else is also fine with it. So please, leave them you as you wish. I can always change the data files to add them if I wanted them.

    3. No, please, I mean sorry if I sounded harsh but... It's hard to please all players when adding new stuff.
      I could add them to another civ but it will be hard to find another name for them.

    4. On another note, have you tried experimenting with differing attack methods? Such as giving musketeers of one of one nation an half-normal damage Aoe attack, something akin to a shotgun effect? Or perhaps give the prussian needle gunner faster reloading speed at the cost of lowerng damage, and giving French skirmishers larger LOS. I can try experimenting on my part, to see if anything can be done.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Please do keep the craniquer in for the French, it's still quite refreshing.

    7. Well no, I don't really think it's a good idea since they are basically the same units. I mean if they are different then of course.
      I did add all kind of new stuff, the Mounted Crossbow for example, for Natives I added a cavalry unit that has the torch as his main weapon, I made the Chinese mortar fire grenades, made some mercenary cavalry attack buildings with grenades, and all kind of stuff.

      But having the same units doing different stuff for each civ, I dunno...
      Again balance is a big issue.

    8. Mandos, I meant please do not put in the dragoons, and just leave the craniquer in. Again, thank you very much Mandos, for your continuing effort to make the game better and better. Good luck on the AI and future changes.

  23. Hi Friend, your mod is excellent, is improving very well.
    Here we propose ideas and you know if they can be used to play or maybe not. here natives and resources, for example.

    Carbon ; __ Export or make cannons, ships, units or technologies.
    Iron ; __ for some technologies, improvements, cannons, ships and units.
    Stone ; __ Only for Buildings, towers, walls, forts and some Techs.
    Mercury ; __ for diferents some techs or Units.
    Copper ; __ Some technologies or Units.
    Crystals ; __ diamonds or precious stones for anything ..
    Oil ; __ Export
    Gunpowder ; __ Export
    Velvet ; __Exportacion
    Farm Animals ; __ Export
    Weapons ; __Exportacion
    Beer ; __ Exportacion
    Power / Faith / Fame;

    Here some resources icons.

    it comes to improving Native nations, well maybe some people adding ally for continuance, if more units with different abilities, such add we could add the following things. not only drives but also resources and technology.

    ANIMALS ;_ beasts, wolves, coyotes, bears, jaguars to recruit,

    SUB CIVS ;_ _ (for Sioux or Iroquois) Cheyenne, Delaware, Blackfeet, Alaska tribes, Tlingit-Haida, Kiowa, Ottawa, U.S. native tribes. Etc.

    SUB CIVS ;_ (Only Aztecs), Warriors Holcane Maya, Mixtec Army, Alliance Zapotec, Toltec Mercenaries, Texcoco Warriors, Fighters Olmecs, Totonacs, Mezcalas. Etc.

    NEW TECHS ;_ To the natives, the villagers Improvement, units and buildings, explorers, etc..
    NEW SKILLS ;_ For Units or Buildings.
    RESOURCES ;_ Power. Magic, Jade, Obsidian.
    SACRED RUINS ;_ Generate resources or power.
    ALTAR OF ANCIENTS ;_ Generate resources o power. too train rare units very powerful. Heroes, beastmasters, shamans, priests of the woods, etc.

    So This only a Ideas..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. New resources are totally impossible except for the new one I'll add, Fame...

      Natives already have buildings that generate Coin, the Council's Hut and Aztec Treasury.

      I do like one idea from the list, the animals one.
      Native WarChiefs use a card to unlock the ability to train a pet but I'll give them the pets without the card and make the card increase their stats.


    3. Thomas, I agree. Since the texture bug doesn't allow me to add more skins, to avoid problems, I'll try to change some stats a bit.
      But not too much.

      For example, the British Imperial Musketeers tech which gives them the Redcoat name will also give Musketeers more damage than the usual Imperial upgrade.

      Same for the Portuguese Guerreiros tech and French Imperial Skirmishers tech and so on.


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Mandos, I already extremely happy for the hard work you put into this project. I think everyone here is already thankful for all the work done on this. Although, I do have some ideas that may make controlling the map and building trading posts important again;

      1. Every time a stage coach or a train goes past a trading post, that trading post generates one unit, depending on the nation or what the player chooses from a custom list given to them. Kind of like the act 3 mission with the fort, which by the way is broken because the train keeps running over the extra troops you get, making it harder.

      2. Trickle resources added to a native settlement trading sites. This will make them useful again as currently the only useful native is the Spanish mission settlement, which gives improved gunpowder, conquistadors, and makes structures stronger.

      Just some suggestions, we are all trying to help to make this mod better.

    6. 1. What you see in the Act3 mission is done with triggers, special setting for scenarios.
      Too hard to be done on Skirmish maps, also I don't even know how to do it...
      I can however fix the bug in the Act3 mission.

      2. That is not true. Some natives have some really cool and useful techs. Also, since the Trading Post is the same for the railroad and natives villages, I can't make one generate resources without affecting the other...

      Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming!
      Though I might advice to wait a bit and maybe make a big list because I am really busy right now since tomorrow I wanna release the Fame super update and I have a lot of work to do.

      There are many, many changes in this update.
      You could post your suggestions after the update if you want.

    7. Sorry Mandos, it's just that I prefer maps with large oceans, which are mostly based in Asia, despite playing the original years back with my hard copy, I didn't find any of the bow and melee upgrades from the natives that amazing, and I also didn't find the native units with the exception of the native skirmishers (which is the only way to get skirmishers as the British without HC cards) that interesting.

  24. Mandos, you are too good at responding, I did even finish my bug report.

    1. Redcoat textures broken, the hat falls off and onto his shoulder.

    2. French AI still builds Dragoons 0.0

    3. The consulate "Buy" tab overrides the "Armies" tab, so you must buy all the upgrades, and revoke and re initiate the treaty before able to buy any expeditionary forces.

    1. 1. Strange...?
      2. Strange...? Probably from the HC.
      3. Strange...?

      And yes, I thought at adding crits to all units but it's impossible to also add dodge to all units so I won't add one without the other.

      I mean, don't you think it's fair? If a units is lucky to hit a crit, another one should be lucky to dodge a shot, since all firearms from that age had crap accuracy.
      But, it doesn't work.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mandos, that is why I removed the post, as I realize it is too much to implement. The rifles of the industrial era were quite accurate. For bug #2, I apologize, I was doing some experiments on the French Dragoons to somehow make them more unique (decreasing their production time by 30%, at the cost of 60% fire power, to stay in line with the fact that French Dragoons of the 18th century were horribly neglected), I accidentally left the data file in the folder. However bug 2 and three still stands, I can post a image on flickr if you so wish. And please leave the craniquer for the French, instead of bringing back the Dragoons, until the French Dragoons can be made unique somehow. Thank you very much Mandos.

  25. noob proposition
    the game is a pig, it will be added to the Livestock Pen?
    cards is in Napoleonic Era (it seems)

    1. The "pig" from NE is just a re-skinned tapir...
      So no, the game has no working pigs.

    2. the game is a pig in file "", I had in mind that the card (icons) is not, but I've seen, or in NE, or in WOTTA

    3. I said there is no working pig in the game.
      There is a pig but it's not working, it's not finished.
      Please understand Roman.

  26. Hey Mandos, just did some testing with the bugs, hope the results will help you.

    1. The Redcoat hat glitch seems to be a rare graphical glitch that sometimes happen in the editor or in game if the Game settings are all set to the lowest possible, it's still rare as it happens sometimes.

    3. The consulate bug only occurs when ever you load a game up. When I started a new game, the glitch does not happen, until I save and reload the game, which then needs you to revoke and reinstate the treaty to fix.

    I also have a question; if the main problem with adding new units the potential errors due to more textures, can you just make clones of the same unit with a different name, registry, same textures, and change some stats around to make them different? Or is there a limit to how many objects can be loaded into the game at the same time?

    Thank you, and good luck.

    1. It's hard to explain...
      Thing is, as modders, we don't have all the tools to do everything properly.

  27. Hey Mandos. its me again. You`re romanian? cool. My gf is also from there and i wanna visit the country one day. Also ive been reading some of your comments and saw you loosing your cool. XD

    The thing about being a modder or being a creator of anything when you allow people to give opinions is that they see you as a person capable of realizing dreams. So of course, they might want you to do this or do that, because they see you as a superior being who can make things more interesting. You earn respect. The only problem is that people in general tend to think your abilities are endless and we cant really understand your limitations due to the fact we are not messing with the tools ourselves, because of the high regard and faith everyone have in you due to you being able to make dreams come true. XD

    Then again, recently i got into playing mods of games, and i saw with my eyes what good designed mods can do to a game. They can revitalize, give new directions, make it much more interesting. Modders are people who can make something fans really love.

    Its normal that people will get in your nerve one hour or another, but when those things happens, just breath, relax, and remember why you go thro all of this trouble. :) Stay firm and strong, pal. I dont know what are your motivations to make this mod, but i think you are doing a good job so far to give this game a refreshment.

    1. Why does everyone think that...
      Dude, it's just my way of speaking to be rude and sarcastic. Hate it or love it, that's who I am.

      I'm also a gamer, I've been in many communities, the internet made me an asshole...

      I don't intent anything bad, I just tell the naked truth and refuse suggestions which I think do not fit the mod or are impossible/too hard to make and give back nothing.

      I know what mods for other games do, I always bitch about it to other modders, I hate the limitations AoE3 modding has, but this is it, AoE3 has no official modding support like let's say... Team Fortress 2 or Command & Conquer or many others.

  28. Oh also, i would like to add a bug report in case it had not been added.

    When you play a game with the sioux, some villagers (not all) are invisible and only selectable if u double click a visible village nearby to select all villies... or if use the idle villager button. I did not check if this is totally random or one of the sioux villagers (female or male) is glitched.

    Happens in multiplayer matches, idk if it does on singleplayer (or if it even makes any difference).

    1. This bug has been reported many times but I swear I do not know what's wrong.
      For me it works perfectly fine all the time, I searched everywhere, nothing pooped up.

      I know what could cause it, but it shouldn't happen at all.
      I'll try to fix it for this next release.

  29. Hey Mandos, there seems to be a error in the code you made, unless I haven't been paying enough attention of the changes made to the various civs.

    1. The coutelier for the French is disabled. To be precise, the tech tree files has him enabled for the French civ, however the coutelier is not enabled at the Barracks in the protoy.xml file. This could be an error or it could be intentional. Just wanted to point that out to you. Oh, and the barracks is not enabled for the French or Prussians at age 1, contrary to previous versions of the mod that I have played.

    Anyhow, hope you good progress upon the next version of the mod.

    1. The Coutelier was trainable at the Native Embassy which the French and British were able to build.
      I'm talking about the past here because now I completely removed Native Embassies from Euros and left them as a Native only bonus.

      Thanks for reminding me about the Coutelier.

      As for the Barracks, I think I left it as a British only bonus, remember how I whine about Euros lacking bonuses, well I did some stuff to fix that.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. No problem Mandos, hope to see the Coutelier makes a unique comeback soon.