Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to work

So, we are all "still alive" in this promising new year. Well then we'd better get back to work!
As I told some of you, I took a small vacation, for the holidays and stuff, but now since they've passed, I'm gonna resume work on the mod.

Thank you to everyone that reported problems and made suggestions for the past few weeks. One of my mottos is "bugs will only get fixed if they are reported... or if I find them", but since I don't play the game that much, you'd better report those bastards...

For now my "to do" list is composed of this:
1. try to implement a new "Export" like resource for the Europeans, for which I still don't have a proper use...
2. fix as many of the reported bugs as possible and try to implement some suggestions
3. finish TWC campaign remake

Then we'll see where the road leads us next.
That would be all for now, thank you for playing my mod and remember, REPORT THE BUGS!


  1. Hey Mandos, so as of now TWC campaign update has just been delayed or entirely discontinued?

    1. No, no, sorry, I just forgot to mention it here.
      It will be the last thing on the list I'll work on though, but I will finish it.

    2. Yeees! Thank You!

      Also, two questions/suggestions, and I am sorry if this has been already implemented, or dismissed.

      1. Will the player be able to build the Saloon in the vanilla campaign like the AI?

      2. Would it be possible to implement deck customization to vanilla and TWC campaigns like in the TAD one? Because the cards you pick go straight to the deck you use, and if you pick a card you want, and you have a full "age line" of cards already, it won't be added and essentially disappears. Not to mention it'd be useful to take out those cards, that you never use.

      Thanks for patience!

    3. 1. Of course.
      2. I tried to add many things from the TAD campaign HC to the vanilla one but it doesn't work...

    4. 1. Finally, some new tactics may be applied, thanks!

      2.Maybe you could try to at least trim out some some already chosen cards, those not so useful. Or do You mean that you can't do ANYTHING with vanilla/TWC homecities?

    5. Oh wait, your talking about cards... I thought you were talking about something else...

      I already added some cards to the Malta HC but there's not many you can add to a simple civ that can't (and shouldn't) get past Age3...

      As for John's HC, I will try to add some more cards.

    6. Hahah, yeah, sorry for confusion!

      What I meant, is in TAD you can customize your deck of cards between missions, so in later parts of the game, you can, for example, remove the "400 Food shipment" one time card, and put something more useful there. In vanilla (and TWC, if I recall correctly), you can't modify which cards you are using (the "Customize deck" button is grayed out), and if you pick too many cards, they are not added to the deck, and you are stuck with "useless" (for me) cards, like the 2 hot air balloons, or whatever. I hope I explained what I meant correctly now ;p

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  3. What will happen to Aztec unit?

    1. Well, players will still be able to play with the Aztecs the way US was played until now. But there will be no Aztec AI anymore.

      I also have another awesome idea. Since all Natives have way fewer units than Europeans and Asians, the Sioux and Iroquois will not be able to get the Noble's Hut and build some Aztec units.

    2. Aztec units?

      In my TWC campaign?

      Awww yeah!

    3. ...the Sioux and Iroquois will now be able...
      I made a huge spelling mistake there, it is "now", not "not"...

  4. In the mission Never Trust a French Prospector I play as the Mother Nature insted of Amelia Black.

  5. I've just updated all vanilla campaign scenarios with bug fixes and some faction name changes.

  6. Mandos I'm sorry if this has already been asked or anything, but could you try (if you care to) create a unit (or use an idle unit which noone actually uses) and make it like a banner carrier, with the nations flag on it. I don't know if you can make this, but it would be pretty cool. And if you can; Could you make it like improve morale or anything :d

    1. Yup, It's been requested so many time I can't count...
      There already is a Flag Bearer unit, I was planning to make one spawn each time you build a Fort.

      Sadly, you cannot make the civ's flag to appear on the unit, only the player's color.

    2. Mandos, what if it was a unique unit, holding a banner with a texture of the civ's flag, each "banner holder unit" version buildable by only one civilization (like unique castle units in AoE2), or spawned by a building that only that one civ can build? Just dropping ideas, because I don't feel a need for a standard bearer.

    3. Well... It's harder than that...
      I guess you have some limited knowledge in modding and you might think that would work but it's really not that simple.

      There is a proper Flag Bearer being made for another mod but we'll see how good he is when it gets released.

  7. Okay, replaces Dutch to USA
    just make two versions mod

  8. BUG REPORT: TW Campaign: "The Rescue"
    - Secondary Objectives. Villager not automatically spawning after building a trading post.

  9. BUG REPORT: Not sure if mod bug of vanilla bug, but the boats get stuck on most of the edges of the islands or shores. I try to set it so they patrol one side of the island to the other and they get stuck or stop in the middle of the water or shores. happens to all sea units.

  10. Hi Friend, your mod is excellent, is improving very well.
    Here we propose ideas and you know if they can be used to play or maybe not. Here natives and resources, for example.

    Carbon ; __ Export or make cannons, ships, units or technologies.
    Iron ; __ for some technologies, improvements, cannons, ships and units.
    Stone ; __ Only for Buildings, towers, walls, forts and some Techs.
    Mercury ; __ for diferents some techs or Units.
    Copper ; __ Some technologies or Units.
    Crystals ; __ diamonds or precious stones for anything ..
    Oil ; __ Export
    Gunpowder ; __ Export
    Velvet ; __Exportacion
    Farm Animals ; __ Export
    Weapons ; __Exportacion
    Beer ; __ Exportacion
    Power / Faith / Fame;

    Here some resources icons.

    it comes to improving Native nations, well maybe some people adding ally for continuance, if more units with different abilities, such add we could add the following things. not only drives but also resources and technology.

    ANIMALS ;_ beasts, wolves, coyotes, bears, jaguars to recruit,
    SUB CIVS ;_ _ (for Sioux or Iroquois) Cheyenne, Delaware, Blackfeet, Alaska tribes, Tlingit-Haida, Kiowa, Ottawa, U.S. native tribes. Etc.
    SUB CIVS ;_ (Only Aztecs), Warriors Holcane Maya, Mixtec Army, Alliance Zapotec, Toltec Mercenaries, Texcoco Warriors, Fighters Olmecs, Totonacs, Mezcalas. Etc.
    NEW TECHS ;_ To the natives, the villagers Improvement, units and buildings, explorers, etc..
    NEW SKILLS ;_ For Units or Buildings.
    RESOURCES ;_ Power. Magic, Jade, Obsidian.
    SACRED RUINS ;_ Generate resources or power.

    ALTAR OF ANCIENTS ;_ Generate resources o power. too train rare units very powerful.

    So This only a Ideas..