Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Improvement Mod version 4.7.7

You all know that I can release new updates hours apart, right? So, it's time for a new one!

Unless one of you knows how to make some kind of an 'auto-patcher' which installs into the game and updates the game automatically, I'll keep releasing updates whenever i want...

Again, a pretty big update, i had my hands full in the last days.
And again, i will mention only the big stuff, small changes like increase the damage of a unit by 1 is not worth to mention.

Firstly, I have added new horses for the Cavalaria, Mounted Rifleman and Saber. I strongly recommend checking out the Cavalaria one. I have also added new animations for Lancer, Cavalaria and Naginata Rider.
Fixed some European artillery animations as well.

Now, more changes for the Americans. They have a new, custom priest, finally, and new options when advancing to the Imperial Age. When advancing to age V they can choose to unlock either trainable Miners at the Town Center, or trainable Colonial Militia also at the Town Center. That's right, the War Tens can't train Militia anymore. I have also added custom portraits for age IV and V politicians.
You might ask yourself, what good are Colonial Militia in age V anyway... Well, they are cheap, fast moving and fast training. Also, pretty powerful.
Miners on the other hand, being the fastest Coin gatherers in the game, they have a train limit of 10 and cost 2 population. For those who didn't knew, Miners do get affected from Coin gathering speed techs, so you can make them gather even faster. But you can have just 10.

And regarding all priests, i have changed their healing animation, and made it a little bit more... holy... very nice.

So, head over to the download section and get yourself the latest version!
This might be the last version for some time, so make sure you get it.

Don't know if i should mention this, but don't get fooled by the size of the zip, which has been tightly compressed, this mod is HUGE!


  1. Nic eman. We love this mod. A handful of us play it and would like to see if you can add more empires? We love being the US finally. Which kicks ass but were wondering if adding new uniots matched with new empires would be in your line of sight for this great mod. Thanks dude!

  2. Hey man, just loaded this, I LOVE IT!!!!! Had a few suggestions for a next update..

    In AOE2 there were Sea Gates and Sea walls that could be accessed through a MOD.. would it be possible to do this in AOE3?

    Also curious if you add more music, cause the stuff you added rocked!

    Also maybe more than 21 cards per deck? Or an option for it?

    Maybe a Dragon? Haha, that's a dream of mine ;) Wish someone could create one and do it right.. would be sick!

    I tried to get the Italian and African MOD pack to work with this.. but it didn't, and honestly, you could do a wayyy better job of incorporating it into your pack, cause his stuff was.. not up to par :)

    Last one! Could you make it where we can have more than just Team 1 and Team 2 on Skirmish mode? :( In AOE2 you could have multiple teams.. and it rocked!

    Anyways, just some ideas! :D

  3. Oh! And is there a way so that the Night and Day isn't random, but that it is an option in pre-game?

  4. Well thank you very much for commenting.

    Now, sea gates and walls... could be possible, but I don't know it they would work right, I really don't.

    I would like to add more soundtracks, but not every song is suited for AoE3, so I am still looking.

    The maximum number of cards that you can have in your deck is 25, depending on the Home City level.

    Sorry, but I will not add new civs any time soon. Maybe in the near future.

    Yes, increasing team limits has always been an idea but no luck so far, it is too 'hardcored' into the game.

    The first time I added 'day and night' maps i added them with the original ones and made special options to play only 'day and night' maps, or only Regicide maps and so on. But, I later discovered that any modification related to original maps would make ALL maps unplayable in multiplayer, getting the 'out of sync' error.
    So, the only option was to leave the original maps and map options alone and add the new maps as custom ones, which made all of them work on multiplayer, including the new ones.

  5. Thanks for such a fast reply! I'm glad to hear your thoughts on all this.
    From what I looked at, if you did decide to add Africa and Italian civs in the future, it would be super easy because of the Mod pack already out there.

    But I know you're busy with other stuff, and I can't wait to see what the next release brings!! I love the new maps too.. I'm always in need of those since I never play the scenario's.

  6. I understand. I would just love to have some extra civ's. If you need help I could assist you as if need be. The mod itself takes the game to a whole new level. I think there are some things that could be useful in this mod and wouldn't mind spit-balling with you if you had spare time. If you have Skype you can contact me. My user name is Unknown.Nemesis. I will see if I can pair the other civ mod's together with this and see how it reacts. Adding new civs keeps the game intriguing and very fun to play. I appreciate your response and will monitor this blog. Any idea on another update and what is going to be added?

  7. I can not seem to get this to work on Steam, I read somewhere that said you have to download it to this location
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age Of Empires 3
    all 3 games are up to date.
    My Skype is dlucier95 if you want to help me figure this out or anything.

  8. I like this mod!
    with this mod, you can actually have maximum of 44 cards in a deck if you manually add the cards in the homecity xml file in the savegame folder!

  9. Hey, Mandos, it's talkinrock here...

    I have 3 quick things to say, all relating to my previous post on the Heaven Games site:

    First off, I would very much like to congradulate you on your nice-looking, new forum! It looks quite appealing to the eyes (it's simple, minimalistic, and has just the right amount of necessary visuals and text), and I'm loving it! Keep up the great work, mandosrex!

    Second of all, about what Blackarrow said: He may possibly be correct about the whole bonuses thing, because when my brother shows me, he ALWAYS does it in the scenario editor, and I know for a fact that the scenario editor works differently with attacks, resistances, and other similar things than that stuff does in normal "skirmish" combat. So I may be wrong in that aspect with the bonuses (at least in regards to normal gameplay).

    Third and finally, yes I had a surfing competition in December, as I live in Central California (United States), and the weather here is almost always mild and quite temperate, so surfing here is good any time of year (well, pretty much).

    Anyway, that's about it, and I'll check back here later when I have some time!

    Talk to you soon!