Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I need bugs!

I really want to release a new version which contains much needed AI changes, like the one which will stop the bots from training Spies... This has been a very reported problem and it was my mistake because it wasn't fixed in the last update.

Not only this, but the AI personalities have been slightly altered like they where before I 'converted' the mod to Steam.

But, so far, to few bugs have been reported, and to release a new update i need to fix and change more things....
So don't be shy, tell me every single problem you find, only by doing that it will get fixed.

I also noticed that people who use Mac visit the blog and probably leave empty handed...
I know that Macs can't run installers so when the new version will be released I will also release a zip with the mod inside which will need to be manually installed.

Hopefully this will make everyone happy.
No big deal with copying some files and folders into the AoE3 directory, so don't worry...


  1. Ok then, here are some huge "bugs"

    The cost of the hatamoto samurai and the ninja are ridiculously cheap.
    The hatamoto samurai should cost at least 500 coin or the equivalent in resources, eg. 200F 300G
    The ninja should be around half that price. eg. 100F 150G

    The same goes for the consulate shinobi and consulate yamabushi.
    The cost should be around 40F 80W for the consulate yamabushi and 60F 100G for the consulate shinobi.

    Like I suggested before, move them to the monastery and not the shogun because:
    - the shogun already has the yamabushi and the shinobi and now it just doubles up.
    - no room for the artillery anymore
    - the colonial age units yambushi and shinobi should still be trainable in colonial if one chooses to do so, but now you can't
    - way too OP to be able to drop hatamoto samurais into the middle of the battlefield so easily

    The bounty and buildbounty for the hand mortar should be at least 20 and the mongolian army bounty should be at least 95.
    I also noticed a line you put there regarding a bonus against infantry, which is useless because there isn't a unit in the game that is classed "infantry".

    The dutch consulate army should cost 19 pop not 17.

    The morutaru damage cap is still unchanged, its bonus against buildings is too low and the mortar damage cap is still too high. Also the mortar bounty and buildbounty should be at around 55 not 45.

    The problem with the grenadier is still there. The artillery foundry is enabled but the grenadier isn't.

    Can't see any of the tactics for any of the daimyos especially the very useful defend mode.

    Don't know if it's because of this mod but with some of the AI you can't see their deck during the game.

    The flag bearer bug is still not fixed.

    I guess that's about it for now.

  2. I think I'll have to agree,it is better to move the japanese consulate units to the monastery then revert back the shogun's original trainable units...

    and since youre going to modify the AI,
    I suggest make the japanese AI still train/use units from the original japanese isolation consulate (this time from the monastery) like the original AI do...
    and also make the japanese AI ally with the US in the consulate (I think the current AI cant do that yet?)

    and yes the very reported flagbearer is still has a bug lol :D...

    1. The Japanese AI can/is able to choose US.

    2. Oh, well I haven't encountered the AI using US units from the consulate, the Japanese AI probably rarely ally with the US..

    3. no, the problem is, they ally with the US but can't command their units. it will be fixed in the next update.