Sunday, January 1, 2012

Improvement Mod version 4.7.6

With a new year comes a new update. And a pretty big one. Besides the usual bug fixing and little improvements, I have added a new unit to the U.S., the Marine, replacing the Musketeer.

The Marine is a ranged heavy infantry unit of course, and it has a pretty powerful attack against cavalry and light infantry in melee mode, compensating the lack of melee infantry that the U.S. has. Or so i hope. I think I am not that good with balancing units and I don't play so much AoE3 lately so i might get numbers wrong. I might ask for help with this 'problem' sometime in the near future, but not now.

Other new, awesome features, are new animations for Janissary type units (Janissay, Strelet, Schutter, Fusilier, Marine, Sepoy and Templar Rifleman). The new animations are for walking and running. They are of course original animations never used and forgotten in the game's files, like many other things, and brought back to life by me.

The U.S. Rifleman has also been remade, with new models, skins and animations.

And this is all for this update, i hope you enjoy it and if you find any problems write them here or in the download section.

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