Monday, May 23, 2016

Italian names and Patcher state

Ok, let's get one thing out of the way, I am not here to give you people viruses or any other kind of malware, the mod has been released in 2009 and the patcher in 2013, and since then no one has reported any kind of information theft or god knows what...

What I'm trying to say is that, although most antiviruses now find the old patcher as malware, it's nothing more than a false positive and you have nothing to worry about. I think it happens because of the way the patcher works, a casual downloader that can download anything in your PC and has access to your windows registry, I can understand why it looks scary for antiviruses, especially if someone made a virus that actually works like that.

But this has nothing to do with the patcher. And I said "the old patcher" because Shyke has now remade the patcher and it doesn't show up as malware anymore (I don't know how long this will last though).
It now also automatically sets the mod's exe to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode (if you still have problems with settings not saving make sure this is actually the case).


Now let's get down to the real business then. Italians, I just added their voices and finished their tech tree, which means that only their homecity is left. 

But there's something else left as well, names. The Improvement Mod adds random, most of the time historically accurate, names for Town Centers, Churches and Generals (and don't forget Explorers) (and Fort names) (oh, and ships... damn). 
Italians needs such names as well. And although I could find them by myself, I thought I could involve you guys. 

So, are you Italian? Do you want your name, or maybe your town's name in the mod? 
Then look no further than the comments section of this post! 
Please try to keep the names as historically friendly as possible, especially for generals (I'd like names of real, Italian generals from the colonial and Napoleonic eras please). 

I could always do it by myself if no one is interested... Just saying.


  1. Carlo Balabio
    Giuseppe Lahoz Ortiz
    Pietro Teulié
    Filippo Severoli

    1. General names?
      They look and sound good.

      Keep it up, I need more!

    2. Achille Fontanelli
      Guglielmo Pepe
      Teodoro Lechi
      Carlo Zucchi

  2. Came to ask if you can make AI build walls ? Ohhh commanding the falconets to destroy the AI's walls or bastions right before bombarding the town center with howitzers :)

    1. He claimed multiple times that he had to disable the ability of AI to build walls, becuase AI was too dumb to place it properly, repair it etc.

    2. Yeah yeah , i know. But not everything is perfect with ai , why it has to be perfect ? (the wall building)

    3. I don't know, why does the AI have to waste wood for nothing instead of using it for more useful things?

    4. Good perspective :) But the more and more and more important thing i want in my favorite mod is , training "Flag Bearer" and "drummer" in barracks or capitol or asdashsad. Just like the Hundred Days mod. Don't know what you think about it , but this is one of the things i always wanted in this mod :) Thank you for replying by the way

    5. Consulate and Capitol brigades already give flag bearers, plus some decree techs and cards.

      But now that I think of it, I might add drummers as well and remake how they affect units.

    6. Oooraahh , just like the Hundred Days mod :D Thank you thank you

    7. Oh , and , some of the units have no sounds at all. Like settlers and cannons.

    8. I think you should update the mod because they have sounds now.

    9. No they don't :D Just updated and tested. Settlers,minutemans and cannons and some other units haven't got a sound.

    10. Both italians and other nations.

    11. God I hate it when this happens...

      If you have huge problems like missing sounds it's not my mod's fault!

      It's the fault of the torrents you used to install the game!

      The mod requires the game and both expansions. If you have both expansions but still have missing content then the torrent you used to install WarChiefs is the one which doesn't properly register the game in the windows registry, and because of this Asian Dynasties cannot detect it and you have missing content.

      I really hate it to have to explain this all the time.
      I should simply say the mod only works if you've bought the game but I try to be the nice guy and support the pirated games as well.

      It might change if people don't understand this though.

    12. Easy friend easy...
      Look , i have 3 modded AOEIII folder on my disk. One being the NE , other one is Hundred Days , and the last one is the my favorite , İmprovement Mod. Hundred Days and NE are just fine in terms of settlers sounds.

      Okay , hundred days and NE also got some "silent" units which are quite "loud" in your mod. And your mod has some "silent" units which are "loud" in NE and HD.

      So the problem is not my game.
      Maybe i updated the mod wrong , maybe you should look again if settlers have sound + cannons.

      I'm not offensive , don't take it like this. I'm your fan for 2 years believe me. Just look them for once , and take it as a possible bug report.


    13. You wouldn't stay so calm if you had to repeat the same thing for almost 7 years... Yes, 7 years, same thing, over and over again.

      I'm not made for this and I do not owe anyone anything, including being nice while having to repeat the same shit all the time.

      And you didn't say "silent", you said "some of the units have no sounds at all" and so I assumed you installed the bad torrent.

      So did you or did you not install it via torrents?
      And another thing, you cannot have copies of the game running in different folders because the same problem appears.

      When your game is registered in the windows registry the path to the game is written as well, when you run the game from a different place it screws up.

      See, this shit is not even that hard to figure out.
      A day in my life and you'd go mad, and that's not even because of the mod...
      After a bad day the last thing I need is to repeat stuff I did a thousand times.

      I'm sorry...

      And yes, I did test it at home and at work, they have sounds.

    14. "I did test it at home and at work, they have sounds." Thank you so much.

      "I'm sorry..." You don't need to be. I do, we do. You're just making our hours fun with your mod.

      "When your game is registered in the windows registry the path to the game is written as well, when you run the game from a different place it screws up." Thanks for the tip. After all the years of modding different games, i couldn't figure it out for AOEIII.

      "A day in my life and you'd go mad, and that's not even because of the mod...
      After a bad day the last thing I need is to repeat stuff I did a thousand times."
      Some people have hard life, including me, and you. After working and studying for almost a day, opening Impprovement mod and playing skirmish against Expert AI is just making my day before sleeping.

      So, i understand you as a modder (probably not big as you), as a hardworker and thank you as a happy user.

      Don't know , i guees you're from Italy, you're only 1 hour behind me. We can chat about :
      Helping you with little things.
      I just want to pick a little weight from you.

    15. Maybe some protoy editing or something like that. "Not complex but boring as fuck" things :D

    16. Oh, no, I'm Romanian. And I went against everything that I am and know to make this mod.
      An example? Romanians don't have such good relations with Hungarians for example and there is no Romanian unit or mention in the mod at all yet I went out of my way to add a Hungarian mercenary because it seemed necessary to have that civ represented somehow.
      Though I do have plans for another east european merc who will have Romanian voices just because I managed to find some good, professional ones.

      I am also a moba player, and playing mobas means you are prone to getting angry fast...

      I'm just trying to justify me being an asshole and I don't think it's working but...

      Anyway, I want to help you fix your game, I don't like people thinking it's the mod's fault when it's not. I want everyone to play my mod as bugless as possible because that's always my objective, to offer quality without problems.

      Many other mods, even the big ones, they have many bugs that don't get fixed even over entire years.
      In my mod, I will release 10 updates a day if it's necessary to fix a problem.

      So if you figured out the registry path problem with your game tell me if everything works now.

      Thank you for playing.

    17. Yes, it worked. Btw , you're don't sound like an asshole bro, nothing's wrong with getting angry. I know how you feel, really. And, like i said , i'm here to help you anytime. You can take me as a sidekick for your mod. is my mail adress.

      Oh and i'm from Turkey and hour is not a problem. Our countries are at the same hour. Whenever you're free , i'm free.

  3. Thanks for doing such a great job... i am looking forward to new civ and i hope another ones will follow.

  4. How many city names do you need? I'm not italian, but I'm bored and like this mod enough to waste a day or two reading about some Italian cities that did stuff during 1500-1600s, as well as a few explorer names.

    1. Well, at least 6-7 Town Center, Church, General and Fort names.
      For ships and Explorers more than 10, preferably.

      I found some links on wiki with General and Explorer names and Church names will probably be easy, but I still need towns, forts and ships.

    2. Well, I can't guarantee exactly that number, but I'll try my best!
      BTW, can I offer suggestions and ideas for Italian faction here or do I have to do it somewhere else (if at all)?

    3. You can do it anywhere you want but please take into account the bonuses I already gave them.

    4. Ok so some actual historical names for Explorers:
      Robert Thornton - though an Englishman, he was the captain of Thorntom expedition - the only Italian attempt to colonise Americas
      Giovanni Paolo Lascaris - a Grand Master of Malta's Knights, who owned few Carribean colonies

      I think that naming Explorers in their name will do them justice.

      Town Center names
      - Modena
      - Ferrara
      - Castro
      - Montferrat
      - Mirandola
      - Cospaia

      Most of these were independent states that were absorbed by Papal States

      Ship names
      - Capitana
      - Sibilla
      - Ruggiero
      - Galatea
      - Diana
      - Grifona
      - Sacra Lega
      - Idra
      - Diligenza
      - Madonna dell' Arsenal
      - Vivande
      - Perla

      Churches are actually tougher to find, but if that'll help - most of their names are composed from "San" and whatever saint or important name you could find (San Lorenzo, San Barbara, San Gaetano, etc)

      If some Italian wants to help or debunk what I said - go ahead.

    5. Ok, so I have few Ideas considering Italy or as far as I understood - "Papal States" Italy. Note, that I'm not a modder and may talk out of my ass
      1. Since historically many Italian states (including Papacy) was tributary to a buttload of different states (and Papacy main strength being diplomacy), how about adding a Consulate to them, with Spain, Germany, France and Italian nationalism, similar to vanilla Japan.
      This could also be their gimmick and a way to hire their mercenary units (since as for now you can't hire them in barracks)
      2. Rodelleros should be changed to Bravos
      3. A few new unit ideas:
      - Quastatori (Devastator) - essentially an Italian Oprichnik on foot - a unit that specialises in killing artillery, villagers and buildings. Historically, these were peasants recruited as pioneers (perhaps a skirmisher replacement?)
      - Condotierri and Knights - Although cliche, Italians did use them up until early 16 century and they were considered to be their main gimmick in contrast to Landsknechts and Swiss - a heavy cavalry. This also is something that european factions truly lack IMO.

    6. Sooo, I have few quirks about Italian religious units, mainly - architect. He's a very situational unit to hire since by the time he'll get actually useful you probably have cards for factories and forts, unless you don't (though why would you skip them I don't understand). There has to be something else to give to him, like make him, not explorer, build towers and healing camps.
      Also Inquisitors and Missionaries - maybe swap names with spanish for obvious reasons (if it's possible)?

    7. The Spanish Inquisition was not the only one, there were 3 major Inquisitions, the Spanish, Portuguese and Roman Inquisition, which took place in Italy and Malta.

      I will start working on adding the names.

    8. Fair enough. How about the rest of ideas? Good, bad, wrong?
      I need it so self improve)

    9. Your ideas are good but they don't really fit with my design.

      The thing is, creating new units is especially hard but I got away with it with Italians because all the unique units Italians have in my mod were already in the game.

      The architect model was in the game, the Inquisitor model was in the game, the explorer model was in the game, pilgrims were in the game and the mounted crossbowman was in the game for French so I just moved him to Italians.

      Pretty easy and clean.

      I also want Italians to focus on mercenaries more, that's why their Capitol and Consulate armies send mercs.

    10. Again - fair enough.
      Thanks for the info - if you need anything else, just say the word.

  5. Hey Mandos, great job :)
    I'm Italian and i can help you a bit with some names

    Homecity: Turin (TORINO), Venice (VENEZIA), Rome (ROMA), Genoa (GENOVA), Naples (NAPOLI)

    King/Sovereign : Vittorio Emanuele II (first King of Italy)

    Explorer/Hero : Nini Bixio, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Alfonso La Marmora, Raffaele Cardona, Enrico Cialdini, Enrico Morozzo, Carlo Alberto di Savoia

    Forts : Castello di Gaeta, Forte Diamante, Forte di Bard, Fortezza di Fenestrelle

    Ships: Fregata (bigger ships) San Michele, Fregata Beroldo, Fregata Des Geneys, Fregata Euridice; - Corvetta (medium/little) San Giovanni, Corvetta Aquila, Corvetta Aurora; Brigantino (medium/little) Eridano, Brigantino Daino, Brigantino Colombo, Brigantino Staffetta

    Keep it up mate :)

    1. Very good names, especially the fort and ship names.
      Good job and thanks!

  6. Los italianos tienen sus propias cartas?

    1. English, please. I want everyone to be able to understand without google translate.

      Yes, Italians will have their own cards but right now they just use the Spanish homecity.

      It's still a work in progress, they are not finished.

  7. Hi Mandos
    Just wanted to report this:

    - an inactive envoy is counted as an inactive villager. the icon on top counts 1 inactive villager but clicking on it will not redirect you to the inactive villager because there are not inactive villager :) just a standing still envoy :)

    - playing as dutch, there is an age4 card wich sends a bank wagon for every player in your team. This wagon count on a separate limit of bank (it says 0 of 2), so this way you can bypass by 1 the limit of existing bank. By the way this bank is not affected by the cards that increase bank hp or bank productivity (3/s instead of the improved 3,75/s)

    great work, keep it up Mandos

    1. 1. Yes, I already fixed that but the update is not released yet. It will be soon.

      2. Oh, I know why, I will fix it.

      Good bugs!

    2. Oh, wait, actually the team bank card thing cannot be fixed entirely. It's complicated to explain why but I can at least make the dutch bank improvements affect it.

  8. Mandos, excellent work on mod revival, however couple of things regarding Americans and Italians and one proposal.

    Americans need saloon instead of command post as it making them unique, also have you considered doing reskin of America buildings so they have "Virginia style". American units also need to have model work. Rifleman on "Distinguished rifleman" can use this model as its final (imperial one)

    and here is a link:

    P.S. Ideal model for US rifleman should be gatling gunner,one with kepi, however its model needs to be extracted out.

    American cavalry should use different hats instead of napolenonic long ones.

    Americans should have this unique walls, being frontier nations in aoe III timeline.

    When Americans advance into imperial age, as you made they can choose between Confederate or United States of America. Problem is that flags do not change ( Betsy Ross flag remains). I propose new homecity for C.S.A. and authentic flag of C.S.A. while for Americans you can change flag to have more stars on banner, like those flag which flag bearer is having.

    Regarding Italians, renaming their units and reskining them will do the work, and adding handcannon unit which fight close on and can damage multiple units when firing (like your former american explorer, colonel custer attack), with downside being low hitpoints and close fighting. Also reskining their buidlings will make it work.

    And know, I propose to add library building. It can research technologies, ofc unique to every nation. Many nations have weak unique technologies, Italian ones are just useless and American ones instead of international trade are also useless. So think about adding new oportunities.

    1. Alright, let's do this.

      1. Yeah, they used to have Saloons but that meant they wouldn't have the Command Post which was a downside because yes, the Saloon looks unique but doesn't have the same uses as the Command Post (Command Post can attack, for example, and they also have Explorer techs in it, which wouldn't fit in the Saloon).

      2. Yes, the Rifleman, like many other units, had an Imperial Age upgrade skin, but it doesn't anymore, like all other units.
      While I managed to get imperial skins for most European units, Native and Asian units never had imperial skins, so for consistency I removed it from all civs. Only veteran and guard upgrades change skins, not imperial.

      3. That is not possible. I could maybe add a small flag on the town center maybe, but to change the civ's flag set and homecity is not possible. Unless I make aging up act like Revolution techs, which will make more problems than fix, it's not gonna happen.

      4. What do you mean "renaming their units and reskining them"... You're saying it like making textures is nothing... No, I will not change the aspect of all American buildings and I already have plans set for Italians.

      5. No. I am just one man trying to do work meant for entire teams. I will work with what I have.

  9. Anyone had any success on Mac? Can't seem to get this to work. I don't know where aoe3m.exe is meant to go.

    I've been using 5.4 for ages, but it's just 6.0 seems different than all previous installs.

  10. Hey there, I'm italian.. If you need help tell me!

  11. Alexander Dimitri
    Johannes GutenMorgen
    Sir De dier Oskov

    1. Yeah... I'm pretty sure those are not Italian names.
      Like 99.9% sure.