Thursday, October 11, 2012

Improvement Mod version 5.2

So here it is, as promised. If you have used the patcher, then this update is nothing new, you are already up-to-date, but if not, THEN GET IT NOW!!!
As you will see, this update is veeeeery big. And it wouldn't have been so big without the patcher, which let me release and test stuff at anytime. Big thanks to everyone that reported problems and especially HUGE THANKS to Shyke!

Now lets get down to business...
Change log:

- Europeans get an infinite tech at the Capitol which can be used to sell Export for home city shipments, as you use this tech it gets more expensive 3 times
- fixed Canoe sounds
- State Religion now increases healing speed of Healers
- added the Independent Government tech to the Revolution civs, replaces Civilized Government
- added the Dove (female assassin) as mercenary
- added the 7 Dove Assassins card to the USA, British and Russians
- the Spy can now score critical hits
- added the Sapper to the Revolution civs, can build military buildings
- added the Saker to the Spanish, Indians and Knights of St. John, first European Age2 cannon
- to unlock the Saker and Monitor, Asian players need to ally with an European (or US) nation
- you can have only 20 chests of coin at a time from the Treasury (spamming issues)
- fixed a long standing bug with archers flaming arrows
- Warrior Priests, Generals, Shoguns and Mansabdars can now score critical hits
- the Skull Knight now has a melee attack against buildings
- the Oneida Rider now has a torch as main weapon
- added hoof walking sounds to all horses (if you notice missing ones please let me know)
- added the Baron (coin production unit) to the British (removed Bank)
- renamed "Colonial Age" to "Expansion Age" and "Fortress Age" to "Enlightenment Age" (fits Natives and Asians better)
- improved the Renegade Spanish cards, now also sends Conquistadors and Sakers
- enabled map specific mercenaries for Natives at the Native Embassy
- added new animations for the Halberdier (awesome)
- added more units on trade routes (?)
- added the Fishery (water building) to all civs (buildable by Fishing Boats)
- the Portuguese Covered Wagons can now train Settlers
- the Mortar now has a melee attack in the fixed Bombard Mode
- improved the Regicide Regent (higher damage and some new skills)
- added the Native Confederacy Support tech to the Council's Hut and High Temple
- fixed some Native projectiles
- improved civs descriptions...
- fixed population additions...
  - Age4 and 5 will give 10 pop each for all civs
  - Chinese Age5 will give 20 pop
  - Independent Government will give 10 pop (revolution)
  - all Revolution civs will have a max pop of 220
  - Civilized Government will give 20 pop to all civs
  - all civs will have a max pop of 240 except for the Chinese who will have 250
- bug fixes...

The next installer release... is so far... But I can tell you one important thing that it will contain...
Although the community didn't seem to agree, I WILL be replacing the Dutch with the USA, but HOLD ON, don't rage just yet.
It's not as bad as some of you might think. I will combine the Dutch and the USA and make a new awesome unique civ, and when it's done I am sure that most of you will like it.
Anyway, that's more of a future project so uhm... enjoy everything else until then.


  1. Your MOD gets better and better :D
    I have some proposal for you:
    -Can you replace US rifleman model in age V,because its not realistic with those big white glooves and boots.I saw that someone putted you US rifleman model on mod site,so if you can replace it :)
    -You should add new textures to U.S. building models,cuz those vanilla are boring :/
    -Add a Sheriff unit to U.S.(Billy Holme model).It could train outlaws and convert treasure guradians in your own unit :)

    1. Yes, all very good ideas.
      I will remember them when I'll starting replacing the Dutch with the USA.

  2. Just so you all know, I haven't uploaded the mod to AoE3 Heaven yet because there are some problems.
    I contacted support and they are looking into it.

  3. I installed the mod but nothing changed. I installed all the patches and I'm using the portuguese version on the game. could u help me?

    1. Yes, of course I can.
      But I'm telling you it didn't properly. And it's so simple to install...
      Look for me on Skype at this ID and we'll fix it: mandos-rex

    2. Well, I made it... but it takes so long to load that I get really tired and close it, because I waited for 7min in that loading screen with the coin spinning and the main menu never openned. Is that normal? Do I have to be a bit more patient?

    3. No, it's not normal, please contact me if you want anything to get fixed...

  4. im really really excited for these changes, but if your merging the dutch and US. can you keep the Dutch home city and custemize it to be more us? cause the Dutch home city is really unique. Also i recommend changing the name of US riflemen, to Patriot's, or adding Patriots as a unit. because during the revolution Patriots were the US infantry.
    Thank you for puting the time into this mod btw, it make's AOE3 from a standard game into an amazing game.
    i would go as far to say its an unoffical expantion that fixe's every little detail.

    1. Of course, that was my plan with the HomeCities.
      Still thinking is I should do it though...
      Tell me if you like the new HomeCity I just released for the USA, much more authentical if you ask me. Even if you can't customize it, lets remember this is an early US city, it wasn't very nice... Plus, Native and Asian HomeCities also can't be customized, so no big problem there.

      As for Patriots, I did recently changed the name of the US Colonial Militia to Patriot Militia, since US isn't a colony any more, I think it fits better.

  5. Dude, as I said, just replace AI, and then everything is done! People can play Dutch if they have homecity files!!! Removing civs by code ISN'T a good idea dude!!!! Anyway, congratulatuions:great progress you are making!! Also, could you give me permission to use some of your textures in my little project? I'll credit you of course!

    1. Sure, use what you want.
      Unit skins are not mine anyway, just building skins are.

  6. hey bud, i have some ideas that may improve the game a little
    -1) let foot soldier get inside building such as fort, tower, for the effect such as increase that building attacks
    -2) let villagers have the abilities to get into houses
    -3) Let foot soldier units get into wall and attack from wall?
    -4) add the command function where u can tell troops to stand ground, or patrol, or guard? like aoe2?
    -5) improve rate of fire for explorer, after all, the explorer is the leader of the colony, it make sense that he would have better weapon that fire faster then regular troops.
    -6) I love the fishing building that u added in the last update, maybe we should add more buildings on water as well? like a trading post in water?
    -7) each nations should have bank, lumber-camp and bakery, i feel that this would be more realistic, and limit to only allow 1 of each?
    -8) the ships limit i think is way too high, usually the map is too small for that many ship, maybe we should decrease the ship limit by 30-50%
    -9) let spies, or agents have the abilities to make under ground spike, or traps that enemies unit can walk into
    -10) Jappan should have some kind of kamakazi unit where the unit commit suicide to make a big explosion that damage surrounding units
    Ur mod have been amazing so far, making this game so much better, thanx for much my friend

  7. I just thought of a couple more ideas
    1) add a building that let u train all native allies that u allied with on map
    2)adding an option to add 2 or 3 troops on ship that can use hand gun to fire to other ship, because chances are that in a boat fire, people also shooting their hand gun as well, not just one big cannon.
    3) let 3-5 foots soldier troops have an option to build a raft to travel on water and a weak attack from their raft.
    4) units that have less health should have less attack as well, up to 50% less max, i think this would be more realistic because if you lose an arm or a leg in battle, you can't attack as well as you would normally
    5) add a few native ally on water, such as pirates?

    I hope those idea help improve the game in someway, some suggestions might be too hard to do cause the animation might be too complicated? I am not sure? but you added a whole new nation to the game, i figure you have great computer skills

  8. Mandos, for the Dutch conversion I think you should have two separate downloads containing the conversion and one that does not. That way players against the idea would be satisfied too.

    1. That's the plan, though the idea might be down the drain by now...

  9. the spies and agent picture show that they carrying a pistol but they can't shoot? can we change it so that they get a pistol?
    also, in short range combat, let the explorer have pistol too instead of a riffle, that would be way too kool :)

  10. Mandos, i think there's a bug on the 5.1 update. because i can't even advance to Imperial Age(Deathmatch). Even on each civilization. Ex. The Imperial Age advancement toolbar on the settler is missing. PLEASE MAKE IT FIXED!

    #BTW your mod is doing better and better. thnk u so much mandos. and could u please replace Dutch with the US CIV.?

  11. Does this mode work online with other people who have it? And also if I install this mod and attempt to run the vanilla game instead of Asian Dynasties, will I be able to play online with the game unmodded? Thanks.

    1. Yes, and no...

      Sadly, the mod affects too many files and vanilla is unplayable...

      As for multiplayer, you can only play on LAN after installing the mod, you can't play on ESO anymore.

      Sorry for the bad news, but that's how mods work...

  12. This is the best mod i've ever played on AOE3TAD ....lately i was so boring playing this game,cause everything is the same and there is no variety!! but after this mod, i change my opinion! everything is so real and i love the units in the US cilivizations and all new buildings! Everything is just brilliant! I can't wait for the new Improvement Mod!!

    1. Thank you very much.
      I put a lot of work in small details.

  13. I saw one bug,some players(Computers) resigned at the beginning of the will be very nice if you fix this.

  14. The Improvement Mod, make the game so much realistic.Every new detail is so original.I can't wait for the next one.If you make some new civ. (for example - The Maltese) will be awesome.

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  16. Replies
    1. Sorry for the double comment but the USA CIV (Philadelphia) does not appear to have a trading post even the shortcut "P" does not do anything i may be missing something as I am pretty new to the game any help would be great

    2. I found it. It is under the commander (Custer) and not the settlers

  17. When i load up Skirmish i don't see the trading post