Monday, July 2, 2012

Improvement Mod version 4.9.4

Something new every time, this one without exception. Probably be the last version for some time so abuse it as you will.

Again, a little, not complete at all, change log:
- Portuguese Balloons can now use Spyglass; Spyglass can now see stealth units
- fixed some major Consulate bugs
- breaking an alliance now costs 100 Export
- the Aztec priest now has bonus against mercenaries
- the Settler Wagon is now trainable at Livestock Pens, after getting the card
- getting the Decree card will move the University to Age 2
- improved stealth and gate icons
- added the Poleaxeman to the Russians
- added two new buttons in the UI for quickly selecting your Town Centers and Heroes
- fixed some Consulate units sounds
- added the new Prayer tech to the Church
- added a new hat for european artillery units
- made the Schutter more like a Musketeer, moved him to Age 2
- some Home City cards fixes
- changed "King of the Hill" to "Hold the Fort!", just a rename
- other stuff/bug fixes...

I'm waiting for bug reports as usual.


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  2. You have two new buttons (so far observed only two, maybe more of them), these buttons do not have enough of the functionality which welcomes hotkeys, automatic switching the camera on the selected object

    1. I know there are hotkeys for that stuff, but some people, including myself, don'y use hotkeys, so those buttons are welcomed.
      Making the camera switch when you press them might not be pleasant for all players, I mean you are watching a battle and want to train more Settlers, those buttons are perfect for that.

    2. but the button Hero really uncomfortable

  3. Look what's inside the file, they found the cards are not used in the game, you have restored the American hookworm, is very pleased, but still would like them all to be impeccably renovated, keep them restores, please

    1. Roman, from where are you man?
      I don't want to be rude, but it's very hard to understand you sometimes...
      I am from Romania, where are you from?

    2. I was talking about the technology (icons in the file that I have not met in the game, the list: "grape_shot", "hc_ability_vildfire", "hc_champion_natives", "hc_cows", "hc_establish_lumberyard", hc_explorer_french, "hc_explorer_portuguese", "hc_grain_market", "hc_hero_fencer", "hc_hero_physician", "hc_hero_treasure_hunter", "hc_indigo_trade", "hc_lumber_market", "hc_native_diplomacy2", "hc_trade_route_coin", "hc_trade_route_food", "hc_wood_crate0, hc_wood_great_coffers, "indentured_labor", "rabauld", "stone_walls"

  4. Hello, first of all i'm really appreciate your hardwork, i'm already using it for a while now and it is great! Thank you!
    but, i also wanted to give you a feedback:
    i was playing with Russia and i saw your addition of poleaxeman to the new cards set. What bothering me is that they also give information about +4 uhlan just like in German. I didn't use the cards, but could you check it out? it's just adding something that should be unique to other civ make me feel uncomfortable. it just me maybe,but could you :)?

  5. with the University of bug in the transition to 3 age

  6. Great mod! Love all the small touches like seeing people on boats.

    Just found a very odd bug and thought i should report it.
    When using the Northwest Territory map the town center sometimes does not appear for one or both sides. So all you have is the hero.

    1. Yeah, I saw the same thing happening on Carolina...
      Sorry, but map related bugs cannot be fixed, because more problems appear...

  7. Hi all! I just found this mod. I've a problem, I don't see civilization USA yet I downloaded it to your blog. Do you have an idea?
    For information, I play a French game.

    1. You can find the USA in the Select a Home City menu.
      You cannot create a new USA civ, just use the existing ones.

      When I will release a new update I will tell everyone how they can manage this a bit.