Monday, May 21, 2012

Age of Empires Online

I do not know how many of you have played the new free to play AoE Online, but those who haven't, you better get your ass there right now! It's basically complete by now with more updates to come.

AoEO is your casual AoE game, build on the AoE3 engine, being a combination between the first AoE and AoM, with a bit of AoE3 in there as well, it is free to play (pay to win), playable from Steam or GFWL, if Steam says the game doesn't support your country, like in my case...

The gameplay, everybody knows it. Even the PVP is exactly the same, everybody rushing like hell, building bases around your back and other crap like that... I hate this kind of stuff, reason for why I don't play RTS games online. And when I do, I play with friends, and we play "by the book", enjoying every second, not rushing like the world is ending...

So, get it right now, and tell us what do you think about it?

Regarding the next update for the mod, it will be version 4.9, and will have many changes. Details soon.


  1. in AOEO graphics SUCKS, did not play and will not!
    Better to get the upgrade mode to the numbering, in the sense of what just 4.9? 4.8.5 - 4.8.9 should also be, it would be better

  2. Let me explain how version numbers work.
    If I release 4.9 this means it's a pretty big update, but if I release 4.8.5 this means it's a small update. This is how I worked fro mthe beginning.

    Also, AoEO is meant to be cartoon-ish graphics to "attract new players" and be more appealing for the new generation of gamers, the 12 years old kids that play CoD...

    This is their plan anyway...

  3. Hey Mandos,

    This is completely unrelated to the above topic, but I noticed what might be a glitch? I downloaded the latest mod you have, and playing as the Spanish, it would not let me buy lumber from the lumber camp. It had the button to do so, but when I pressed it it didn't do anything.

    But anyways, keep up the good work!! Love the music and can't wait to see what future civs / units/ etc. are added to the game in the future! :D

    (Wish we could get Ensemble Studios to make it so more than 2 teams can play against each other in Skirmish mode like in the older AOE games!)

    1. Wow... I failed so hard at spelling in my first post here...
      Anyway, thank you for the support.

      That thing with the Lumber Camp... it works if you also have a Market. It seems that trading is strictly tied to the market, so you need one to make it work anywhere else.
      Pretty useless, I know...

      The new soundtracks are nothing "alien", they are from AoE3's campaigns, that's why they fit so well.
      Except for the two battle songs, which are foreign. Still, they fit.

      If you have any other bug to report this is the time to do it, because a new version will come soon!