Sunday, April 8, 2012

Improvement Mod version 4.8.4

As the survey draws to an end the answer is clear... there is no AI problem... there are people which experience some kind of bugs, but those are isolated cases, with probably good reasons (like previous uninstalled mods).

So, a... yeah, lets get down to business.

This new version is nothing big but I wanted to make sure the AI "fix" gets to everyone.
Still, it has a couple of new things.

Building rubble (including crops) now stay for a longer time. Nothing exaggerated of course.

Also some bug fixing.

PLEASE try out this new version and tell me if you get any error!


  1. Good work!
    Also, you said in another post that natives can't have mercenaries... but I think that I have a solution ofr this: There's a buidlign called mercenary hut. Maybe you coudl enable it for natives...

    1. It's not related to buildings............
      It's "hardcoded" stuff.

  2. Hey Mandos,can you teach me how can I change flags in game?
    I want to change U.S. and spanish flags.If you can give me tutorial I will be thankful.

    my mail :)

    1. Sorry but, i don't do tutorials...
      I can however tell you where to look for good tutorials, on AoE3 Heaven forums and on WotTA forums.

  3. Hey! I really like your mod, I think it adds a lot of depth to the game. Do you think it would be possible for you to change the pop cap? I'm not saying anything exagerated, but it would be nice to be able to boost it with some more houses to something like 300 (and more for the chinese)? The thing is that I know of no way to do that (besides editing the xml to make units cost 0 pop), and you clearly can do that (you did it with the town center upgrade).

    What do you think of that? Any way to possibly make it a toggle (so you could choose your max pop)? I really think that being able to have a few more units would help the game a lot ;)

    1. Thank you.

      The thing is, you cannot make pop bigger than 250. This is how the game is, the pop is "hardcoded" and out of modders reach.

      The Chinese can get to 250 through all of their techs and stuff, others 240.

      You also get +10 pop when advancing to the Imperial Age with any civ. Just saying in case you didn't knew.

      Thnak you for the support and spread the word!


    1. Yeah, yeah, I know about that but as you can see you need a special launcher so...

      And most people seem to ignore the massive lag a pop of 4000 would produce... strange...
      We don't all have latest generation PCs you know.

    2. Why 4000? 350 enough, by the way, I know that the prog is not very high quality. It is better to make the settlers to 0

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  6. ey mandos, its me arcangel/don, i have to inform u that my steam account has been hacked in case u wondered y i might not exist anymore... i might create a new one in the future but for now fuck it. yeh.. i dont rly have much else to say, if i have a last request it would be for u to take those damn screenshots and update everything besides the mod's text description, im sure it will satisfy u to polish ur whole franchise off since it looks like that their wont be any super updates to come.

    1. Wow... a... actually... this all makes sense now.

      Yesterday I got a message from "you" on Steam, but I wasn't there and when I came "you" were offline.
      The message "you" left me was a link to a website made to look like a promotional Steam one, which I knew right away it was meant to steal Steam accounts...

      I was wondering why you would send me such a link.
      How the hell did you fall for that man...?

      Well, I feel bad for you and a... well maybe we'll talk again some time, was awesome talking with you about anything.

    2. well, no one believes me, but it was the fuckin dota 2 hardware test/survey that placed in a infostealer on my computer... i turned off my anti-virus cuz i trusted it and it was blocking it, and the nxt day.. couldn't log in and i got a new email confirming my change of email and password and access to new pc... and like i said to allll my friends, it probably wasnt the actaul site's doing, but those fuckheads have poor monitoring of their own site, i'll hate them forever.

    3. and it was the dota 2 official page, dont be the 20th person to ask...

    4. Well, if I know one thing for sure, is that as much assholes the Steam guys are, you can talk with them to get your account back, in the support section.

      I did it once and they helped me. Took a long time to respond, but still. Explain the problem, be convincing and maybe "cry" a little, it always helps.

      Also if you have a CD key of any of your games, it helps a lot. I for one wrote all my CD keys on a piece of paper, just in case.

      And didn't you had Steam Guard on? Cuz if you did he also had to hack your email account to log in. Kinda weird...

    5. i never touched my steam guard, i assume steam is not that fucked up to leave it off by default. And yes, i got a ticket from steam support, i also do have like 4 steam cd keys from my game manuals, so i could give them as much as they wanted for proof, but they only asked for one. But from wat it told me, its most likely that they only will be able to permanently ban my hacked account rather then retrieve it back.. but shit happens, life goes on. Ok, lets return this post back to aoe3 discussion lol

  7. Hmm. For the next patch, could you perhaps make it so that your allies/enemies map their walls better? I was playing a 2v2 with an AI teammate, he built a wall running through my town.
    Anyways, great job man!

    1. Oh, and America seems a bit unbalanced at the moment.. I was able to beat two AI's on normal difficulty with about 15 Marines and 10 Riflemen.

    2. USA isn't as unbalanced as the bots are crap...

      It is a hard job balancing stuff out, always hated it.
      The way you can beat USA is to use melee units, infantry or cavalry.
      The bots don't know that...

      As for walls, I know they build them like hell, but there isn't much I can do. The "bots building walls" idea is not mine, it was made by someone else and I add it to the mod.

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  9. Hello all !
    I've made a French translation of the Improvement Mod !
    Download (version 4.8.4) :
    - primary link :
    - alternate link :
    Install : just download and copy the file into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data folder (adapt the path if you have a different installation directory). When asked, replace the original file by mine. You can make a save of the file to restore the original language.

    Please send me your comments :
    Have fun !!!
    Salut à tous !
    J'ai fais une traduction française pour l'Improvement Mod !
    Vous pouvez le télécharger ici (version 4.8.4) :
    - lien principal :
    - lien alternatif :
    Pour l'installation, téléchargez et copiez le fichier à l'emplacement C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data
    Adaptez le chemin si vous avez modifié le dossier d'installation. Lorsque Windows vous le demande, remplacez le fichier original par le mien. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez faire une sauvegarde du fichier pour restaurer la langue d'origine.

    Envoyez-moi vos commentaires :
    Bon jeu !!!

    1. WOW!!!
      Now this is commitment!

      How did you do it, may I ask?

      Did you manually translated the entire file or... did you just copied the last, new entries from the English one to an existing French one and translated them.
      Because if you did this... you got it wrong.

      While most of the new text was at the end, a big part was all around inside the file. Many original texts changed.

      Please answer to this question and I'll make sure everyone who gets this mod knows about your translation.

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  11. Hmmm... I've replaced all the beginning of the text by the official French translation and just translated the end... Argh... I had not seen that the whole text was changed...
    Is there a solution to find the text to translate in the first part ?
    I've made the translation just with Notepad++ and a little bit of goodwill :P
    I confess that I've some difficulties to find the good file to translate :)
    Thank you for your answer !
    EDIT : I have found an idea :)
    I could compare the original english file with yours, then I could translate the lines which are different, couldn't I ?

    1. Yes, you could but... As I said, there are many randomly parts changed through out the entire "stringtabley" file, tracking them all down... could take a couple of months...

      But I thank you from my heart for your dedication and I'm happy to see my mod made you do this.:)

      If you do decide to do it contact me again when your done and I'll post your translation everywhere I posted the mod.

    2. Okay, I will see it:)
      It's true that the file is quite long !!
      You're welcome, I've found your mod a week ago, and I have been impressed by the lots of modification it provides ! My little contribution is nothing compared to yours ;)
      See you soon, and keep up the good work !

    3. Hello,
      I ask some help ;)
      I can't find the original English stringtabley.xml on the web, could you upload me yours please ?
      Thanking you in anticipation :)

    4. I would but... I don't have it either...:)
      I had it for some time but I needed space and deleted my unmodified AoE3...

  12. Mandos
    on the popcap found in a *exe file irrelevant, if you are familiar with the disassembler, you can change this number

    1. At the forum Steam read your comment:
      [Quote]it's not our fault you guys left the game UNFINISHED!
      AoE3 is probably the game that needs the most mods in the world...

      Half of the game's content like models, units, techs and animations are not accessible for use.

      Yeah, that's right. There are a lot of things inside the game files, unfinished or finished but never implemented. If the game had only files that it uses it would be like 500 to 700 mb lighter.

      You didn't even properly finish the stuff that you made accessible, like there are a lot of bugs, useless or old descriptions, wrong icons, missing codes for techs and the list goes on.[/Quote]
      The question arose: how you tried a restore these files to active? That idea came to the disassembler

    2. Have you ever read my change log...

      The entire "Plus" category (under "Campaigns" changes), where almost every phrase starts with "fixed", those are all about the things I mentioned on the Steam forums, and I still approve everything I said.

      I added lots of unused animations, models, skins, sails, icons, buildings, sounds, etc...

      And what "disassembler", what/who is that?

  13. Yes, but it's still not all the official number of defects
    disassembler useful thing to edit exe and dll files

    1. Ah, interesting program. I will have a look.

    2. Ow... I actually don't really know how to use this program... looks to hard...

      But tell me if you find anything related to game rules, game modes, and especially the game rule "treaty - no blockade", I am very interested in that.

    3. I recommend "IDA Pro", the most powerful

    4. The download speed... it's not very big at all... could take a week to get it...

      And eve if I do get I will most likely don't know how to use... maybe you can look for me, please...

      Just tell me if you find anything related to game rules and to the civilization limit in the "create a new homecity" tad.
      The civ limit should be 14 in Asian Dynaties. Look for this number.

    5. is there such a value, look for the search word "p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.i.t.y"
      I do not know how to add a new rule (hex code)

  14. Building "Treasury" should be in the Iroquois and Sioux (used to be so), are only in the Aztec. is not this a bug?

    1. What...?
      The Treasury is only for the Aztecs.
      The Sioux and Iroquois have the Council's Hut which generates gold.

    2. Do not know
      As there is a disassembler?

  15. Hello all ! I'm back ;)
    The translation is complete this time !
    I give you the new link :
    I've translate the file by comparing the two originals to find the lines which were different ;)
    I've written a page on my blog to get the last version of the patch :
    See you soon

    Pour les intéressés, vous pouvez télécharger la dernière version du patch français pour le mod ici :
    Faites-moi part de vos remarques !

    1. Ok then, good work I suppose. I cannot test it because I don't know too much french... but I believe you.

      I will put the file in my downloads section and in my blog news for the future update, which I think you will also need to change a few lines there. They are at the end of the file, you will find them.

  16. Wow, It seems you guys were busy over the last few months. :D Anyway, does anyone need the original stringytable, I still have a backup of my AOE3 complete edition. I also made a no settler population version, and is right now working on a no infantry pop version for my own use, but I can't seem to find the skirmisher in the ProtoY.xml

    1. Sorry, I don't like to double post, but can someone tell me what is the skirmisher called in the protoy.xml, second of all the skirmisher is still not enabled for the british....

    2. The "Skirmisher" is named "Skirmisher" in "protoy"...
      And I know he isn't enabled for the British! He was a long time ago but then I removed him again. The description wasn't changed regarding this.

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  17. Mandos
    You at least tried to understand the disassembler?
    I know where this list of 14 cities
    do not know how to be added the new code, without damaging the old
    By the way, there is a program that can change leaders

    1. Nah, I won't get involved in that, too hard.
      And that program is engineered to work with the WoTA mod, it can't be converted to my mod.

  18. Mandos, did you get the file I sent?