Friday, February 24, 2017

Swedish names and Updates

Alright, so, I need Swedish names for Town Centers, Forts, Ships, Explorers, Generals and Churches. I'd like mostly historically accurate names but if none can be provided then your dog's name would work just as good, if it's in Swedish of course (kidding about the dog part, btw).

I can always do all the research myself if no one wants to help but I thought this would be a nice way to let you guys get more involved with the mod, just as we did for Italians.

Now onto other updates, there's a lot coming. The reason there hasn't been an update in a while is because I started something which is... so horrible to work on... that I keep delaying it. Though in the meantime I worked on other things so I'll just release updates with that THING unfinished, for now.

The THING I'm talking about is unit descriptions. I want to go over every single unit description and make them show what type the unit is and what it counters, instead of just "Cavalry armed with cold steel"... Yes, very helpful game...

Other things I worked on include new cards for several civs, such as Sioux, Germans, Americans, Italians and Swedish (yes, it's finally happening), new African maps (we still have 4 to go and 2 will be released soon)  and new African animals, such as Gazelles, Cranes and Asses (Donkeys) (courtesy of WoL).

And other **** I probably forgot about.
So yeah, stay tuned, awesome stuff is coming and the game will only get better!


  1. Town names: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro, Linköping, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Norrköping, Lund, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Falkenberg, Hässleholm, Djursholm

    Churches: Adelsö, Almunge, Backen, Bengtsfors, Biskopsgårdens, Norrtälje, Oscarskyrkan

    Generals: Henrik Magnus von Buddenbrock, Charles Emil Lewenhaupt, Carl Gustaf Löwenhielm, Gustaf Oscar Peyron, Carl Fredrik Pechlin, Axel Gyllenkrok, Waldemar von Wrangel, Baron Hugo Hamilton, Georg Carl von Döbeln

    Corvettes: HSwMS Jarramas, HSwMS Najaden, HSwMS Lagerbielke, HSwMS Orädd, HSwMS Carlskrona

    Monitors: HSwMS Sköld, HSwMS Loke, HSwMS Tirfing, HSwMS Thordön, HSwMS John Ericsson

    That's all I can do. Hope I helped.

    1. This is awesome! Very well done and thank you.

  2. hi great work friend
    swedish explorers :
    Carl Bovallius, Finn Maelgren
    Pehr Kalm, Erik Laksmann
    Knut Fraernkel

    1. Ah yes, "Carl". But wasn't it "Karl" in Swedish?
      I might be completely wrong. I probably am.
      Thanks for the help.

  3. not, it's Carl this is his name
    when the next update friend? this mod is great

  4. Cool.

    Next update, uhm. Just let me finish the Dahomey native villages and I will release it. After that I finish African maps and Swedish.

    I have something really awesome coming for one of the new African maps.
    Two words: Star Fort.

  5. yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    great work friend

  6. hi
    is there a possibility to see a new civ in next update?

    1. If you help me make it, sure. I wanted to add Koreans. I'll need new custom units, techs and cards icons, voices and a custom building set. Maybe some tech and card ideas as well.

      Once you send all of those to me I can do the rest.

    2. Koreans are more difficult, better a civ like for example zulu or egypt we can find units in wars of liberty mod
      we can talk with wars of liberty author
      what dou you think about this?
      thanks for your woek

    3. Yeah but there's that awesome Chinese campaign homecity with the treasure ship that would really really really fit a Korean civ.

  7. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  8. Hey Help, Error0003... AIloaderStandar.xs

    I can not play the mod, something I've done wrong in the installation looks like or what file should I delete if I had any previous mod?

    1. Everything? What do you mean with "previous mod"?

      The mod's latest version is 6 but it's only through the mod's patcher. For now.

      If the patcher is not working for you wait for the installer release.

    2. I am sorry for contacting you here, like this, but I found this handy.

      I just installed the mod but I am having a couple of sound problems. Occasionaly glitching music, and certain sounds not playing. I have only noticed that happening on units that civs share, such as settler, or explorer.

      Can you please help me resolve this issue?

    3. I'm looking for something like soundsets.xml equivalent file, but in the files you are supplying this is nowhere to be found.

    4. Really? The same problem twice in one morning? This is gonna be a great day.

      I will just copy-paste the same answer:

      If Settlers (or other units in your case, same thing) don't have sounds then either the mod's installation is fucked (DO NOT update 5.4 with the patcher) (and install it over the Complete Collection) or you are using torrents and you have the WarChiefs expansion registry bug and it's also fucked (install it over the Complete Collection!).

      There is a simple way to tell, go to "Create a new home city" and see if you can make an Aztec home city.

    5. All my registry files are ok, I can access all content of the game.

      1) What do I do in this case?
      2) What kind of volunteer work would you be interested in?

    6. 1. If Swedish units don't have voices it's normal, they are not finished.
      2. None, really. Maybe some building textures. And bugs, report all bugs.

    7. Thank you for the swift response. You are.. amazing to say the least!

      PS. This new light/heavy/siege naval balance is really bugging me, Frigates shouldn't lose to Caravels (strictly historicaly speaking). I think it should be: Heavy beats Light, Light Beats Siege, so as to create a real reason to create Heavy.

    8. And they don't lose, 1 on 1 Frigates destroy Caravels. This is why the bonus is there.

      BUT, I know I took all of this out of my ass so I will revise it if necessary. But I have a lot of work right now so it will have to wait.

      I'll post a screenshot on ModDB of what I worked on later today.

  9. I do not have mod installed, I deleted all, but if I need to install the one of you and I need some installer or something, or I can expect some new version with installer or patch, for now I can not play the mod in version 6, Classic error 0003, ailoaderstandard.xs, thanks ..

  10. Hi, does It work with extreme fortifications mod?, I don't know exactly wich version of your work I installed, but It had fort walls as technology, so don't know why in this new patch is not available. Thank you for this amazing work!(sorry for my english)

    1. People are so obsessed with the freaking fort walls...
      You want know why I removed them? Because of other players who were asking why do their walls turn inside out when upgrading, because they didn't build them clockwise.

      I can't please everybody.

      They were not removed though, still available for Swedish, Chinese and Revolution civs.

  11. forts
    fort christina
    fort mecoponacka
    fort nya elfsborg
    Fort Nya Gothenborg
    Fort Nya Vasa
    Fort Nya Korsholm
    Fort Casimir

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  13. Hey im Dutch and i love the mod! I really do but the Dutch aint as good as any other country. Could you give them some unique stuff like units and cards?
    Greetings from Holland

  14. Hey, I'm Swedish and love playing with your mod. Happy to help with any questions. In Sweden the churches doesn't really have their own names, instead they have the city/town name followed by the word church which is "kyrka" in Swedish. So names for some churches in Sweden are: Storkyrkan, S:t Olofs kyrka, Lunds Domkyrka, Uppsala domkyrka, Linköpings domkyrka, Resmo Kyrka, Sofiakyrkan. As for names for generals here is a good list:

    1. Good stuff, thanks! I delayed adding these long enough, I'll do it later and probably also release an update. Maybe with the Swedish voices finally implemented as well.

  15. You've probably heard this a thousand times, but thank you for this fantastic mod. It's great to come back to a classic game and see new life breathed into it. Even the smallest of conveniences, like being able to drag select military units without selecting villagers, is so appreciated.

    Thank you, Mandos, for giving the last good Age of Empires more longevity. You're easily the best modder this community has ever had.

    1. Thank you, much appreciated.
      There is still so much more to do and I envision how the mod will look once complete, but I don't know when we will get there.

      Soon, I hope. But new stuff is on the way, so keep an eye out.