Monday, April 1, 2013


Someone requested something on the forum and my response, well, I want everyone to see it since it basically describes how things are going for the mod and how they will go in the future.

"These are not "basic things"...
To be honest, its a bit late to request these. The only work I'm planing to do in the following weeks is add hotkeys to the new buildings and units I added, revisit TWC campaign and find a use for a beta tower I got my hands on.
And that's pretty much it. The mod will probably take a very, very, VERY long break and I'll probably just work on bug fixes, if any appear.(1)

I had enough modding for a good while, kept doing it almost continuously for many years now. Plus, my PC is dying, my social life is crap and did I mention my PC is dying...?(2)

Please don't take me wrong, you're ideas are not bad. Especially the Spanish one, I also thought about it and I totally agree about the Cranequier. But you are missing an important point relating the game. The Cranequier and Longbowman, they are not in the game for historical accuracy and they might not have super stats either, but they do one thing extremely well, add some well deserved variety and eye candy. I know everyone wants muskets and rifles everywhere, but it won't happen while I'm in charge. If I can make something even slightly accurate and good looking at the same time, then fuck logic, I'll add it. And it also needs to require a small amount of work.

Thank you for playing.(3)"

1 - No, the mod is not dying, but I do have less motivation to work on it than I had before.
2 - It is indeed true. Everyday when I start my PC I fear it will be the last time or it won't start at all. And yes, I am too poor to buy a new one.
3 - Thank you to everyone that has ever laid an eye on my mod and considered its not total crap.

As always, we will have to see what the future brings. I will probably still do big things to the mod even if I said I won't, but nothing is guaranteed.


  1. Hey Friends, Greetings to all,,,,;,, Mandos you should continue on the project, at least leave the mod in an update so more suitable.

    The mod is good, but need a higher proportion balanced.

    In fact I for months, Create and been replacing all the icons and creating a lot more of everything,;, explorers, units, buildings, dogs, priests, guns, boats, etc., so that look realistic, but well very crafted,;, same to photos ... real faces .. . I've also tweaked all units in 3d models, buildings that are available only in the metropolis, so I could get to build them in the game skirmish. eh introduced more than 300 new sounds for all, new voices drawn from the Age Empires 1, 2, also of American Conquest, and other games of the 14 century, The Battle for Middle Earth, Imported textures 3d. New sounds of artillery, cavalry, buildings, etc..

    So now when you select a building,,, you hear the sound as it was in Age of Empires 1 and 2. all buildings have different sounds. as the Warcraft III.
    everything looks really changed and your mod has helped me to still more perfect a more unique game. Fact eh changing the speed of all units to slow down, gunshots take much longer to load, but with more powerful shot, now on deck formations, defensive and standard, if you really have bonuses, for example only one example .

    you have 50 musketeers units and when you put them on deck, marching units slower and are formed as a line similar to the formations of the British red coat. , only that when you shoot them all at once for shot to a group of enemy soldiers actually drop dead 4 or 5 units, and the others are in poor health,,, just like in the movies of the patriot, or the last of the Mohicans, this realism comes to have the project Protoy I have,,,;;; on the other hand the cavalry, these configurations changed, pass rolling and pulling the enemy soldiers when charge against them ...

    Look, do mods is very close to perfect finish the game because I have everything almost, I only need one thing .. is the file, aiLoaderStandard.xs.

    You know with what program to open it?, Look this is my mail, if you will kindly can you help me, o know other person help me, please send me a link or reference on how to open that file with that program, or modify it to get , and in the rest of the script I got to fix it, I would be helpful. I think it would have the perfect game ..

    1. ".xml", ".xs" and ".cfg" files can all be opened with Notepad, the standard one from Windows.

      As for bigger population, there is a mod that adds hundred if not thousands of pop into the game. Look it up.

  2. I am against the Livestok Pen in the house :(
    large folly

  3. Hi Mandos, thanks for this mod, I really like it and I hope you will continue with this project.
    Seeing your punctuality in respond to each comment, I've got a question for you.

    I noticed that some mercenaries, in particular Manciù and Ninjas, appears too frequently at the Command Center; on the contrary, others like Highlanders and Mamluks are extremely rare... Am I unluncky or it is possible to solve this?
    I hope you have an answer, 'cause I really love to use mercenaries: they add a great variety to the skirmishs, don't they? :)
    Sorry for my english :)

    P.S. I think you should lower the damage inflict by trade units, in particular by trains, because in some maps the AI units gets literally slaughtered by them...

    1. Mercenaries are completely randomized. You just have bad luck...:)

      I tried to make trade units solid, impassable through so that now they only kill units that are on the road/track in front of them. Units should not be able to run into the train thus not get killed. I guess it didn't worked very good...

    2. Continue to try, you're doing a great work :)

      A question: can you teach me (if it's simple, I'm a total noob) how to remove some mercenaries from the Command Post? I never use Ninjas and I'd like to "free" their slot for others mercenaries...

      Or, maybe, how to add another recruitment slot at the Command Center? So, make trainable 3 mercs instead of 2?

      Thank you :))

    3. In the "data" folder look for "mapspecifictechs". There you can set how many mercs are randomized and which ones. You'll find the "map specific mercs" as I call them, also knows as outlaws, and the normal mercs.
      Remember that those are techs from "techtreey", from there you can learn how do to everything else.

    4. Thanks!!! It works perfectly.
      Now, the only problem to solve is the fact that, sometimes (but rarely), the AI builds walls and buildings too near, so thousands of units remain blocked, cannot move and the AI is immobilized.
      Until now, it happened 2-3 times to me, always with AI using European factions. :)

  4. remove the Livestock in the House!!!
    return Bakery!!!
    you said that the "noted"
    deceived me :(:(:(

    1. You are the only one complaining about it. Most people like it.

    2. make voting
      Many people here do not comments

    3. Something tells me you brought friends to vote No, Roman...
      Regardless of the outcome, I will not change it.

    4. I did not give friends
      honor bright

    5. why not change?
      how do I prove that I did not lead?
      I do not like to false

  5. Well, I, for one, voted "NO" by myself. I don't think this whole idea makes sense, BUT if that brings us closer to the "fixed TWC campaign" version, then IDGAF.

    1. Its on the way, max 2 days until release. But I still can't make it perfect... That damn Home City is extremely broken and... I did all I could.
      Hope you will like it though. Make sure to report all bugs you find cuz, you probably will find some.

  6. It is an excellent Mod, a good idea that you continue to finish.

    These details are extremely common, maybe you've already noted, but there is a possibility to fix it would be much better. Otherwise it has many things that are very suitable for play.

    After a period of play, the AI ​not train more soldiers and gather resources, and do not attack nor defend more,,, do not know if this happens only in my cpu or is that the mod is so.

    Many units are trapped by the walls that are built into the settlement.

    The AI ​​is very rare that trains mercenaries,

    In the maps of rivers, lakes, seas, the AI does not usually carry many troops on the other side of the river.

    I do not know why these lines is to modify scripts, but thank you for your help;, continued in your mod, you do ever better.

    1. It hurts so much to read your comment. The problems you mentioned for the AI are indeed true and common, but I simply can't fix them. I tried over and over again but no luck...

      The AI i added for the mod, the Draugur AI (you can look it up) was suppose to be an advanced and professional AI but I do not know what happened to it. I did modified it but I tried not to touch core things that would brake it.

      I will take another shot at it but I cannot promise perfection.